Ex-felons receive jail terms in sexually related crimes

A five-time felon who admitted using methamphetamine, claimed on Tuesday he was served psilocybin mushrooms in a sandwich, which resulted in his groping a woman at Stateline and spitting on a deputy for an entire ride over Kingsbury Grade.

Jeremy Joseph Stanchfield, 40, hung his head as prosecutor Matthew Johnson played most of a 15-minute video in which Stanchfield screams a steady stream of abuse at the deputy and spits on him to where it could be seen dripping off the steering wheel.

A Placerville resident, Stanchfield admitted to open and gross lewdness and battering a deputy as a result of his May 16 arrest at Stateline.

Johnson said that Stanchfield asked a woman if she wanted to go home with him before grabbing another woman by the crotch in front of children.

A deputy responding to shouts from the victims chased Stanchfield, who had the presence of mind to stop when threatened with the Taser, District Judge Tod Young pointed out.

During the body camera footage of Stanchfield’s transport over Kingsbury Grade, he can be heard making multiple threats against the deputy and the family.

“That was what the deputy had to endure,” Johnson said. “It’s a testament to the professionalism of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.”

Stanchfield read an apology, but as Young pointed out, it seemed most sincere when it referred to his own issues than that of the victims in the case.

Stanchfield’s most recent felony conviction involved a vehicle theft in 2020.

Young sentenced Stanchfield to rare consecutive 364-day jail terms.

• A man serving life in prison for lewdness with a child under the age of 14 received another 364 days in jail for writing suggestive letters to a young teenager.

Jeffrey David Volosin pleaded guilty to lewdness with a child under the age of 14 in Lyon County.

The teenager’s mother testified that she believed Volosin was innocent and encouraged her children to write him in prison. However, she said that once she read one of his letters to her daughter, she contacted authorities.

“None of this is your fault,” Young said to the girl. “None of this is on you.”

Volosin admitted to unlawful contact with a child, which is a gross misdemeanor. He agreed to serving the maximum sentence, but his attorney asked that it be served simultaneously with his prison term.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said the letters contained explicit language, and that Volosin appeared to be grooming the girl.


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