Aug. 26, 2021 R-C Letters to the Editor

The blue moon turned red from the smoke on Saturday. Jay Aldrich | Special to The R-C

The blue moon turned red from the smoke on Saturday. Jay Aldrich | Special to The R-C


Fire opinions eye opening


Gloria Atwater's poignant and informative letter of Aug. 19 regarding the Tamarack Fire and Ed DeCarlo's Guest Opinion on "Forest conditions: We can choose how they burn," both deserve public acclamation for sharing their personal experiences, knowledge, and expertise regarding wildfires. These letters were eye openers and tear jerkers, providing facts and figures, and educational facts, plus offering suggestions for urgent action and improvement regarding forest management and dealing with the reoccurring wildfires in our areas.

It is my hope that their letters will be read or forwarded on to the Forest Service; that their input will be sought out and evaluated as aids to living with wildfires and preventing catastrophic losses such as Mrs. Atwater and her husband experienced.

Carol Wentzel


Taxpayers should expect more


I am writing to agree with Gloria Atwater's letter regarding the Tamarack Fire. My heart goes out to all victims of the recent fires who have lost homes or suffered property damage. The message from the U.S. Forest Service stating "the fire poses no threat to the public, infrastructure or resource values" was absolutely insane. Who would entertain the thought that leaving a fire smoldering from July 4 until July 16, when the fire blew up into a major catastrophe was appropriate during a major drought? We experience enough fires that are not preventable (example Numbers Fire) that we should certainly promptly respond to the fires that are preventable. The opportunity to extinguish the Tamarack Fire lasted for 12 days in which time a helicopter bucket of water and perhaps a small hand crew could have saved 68,637 acres of beautiful land. The forest will never return in our lifetimes. Thank you to the firefighters who have bravely fought and contained the Tamarack Fire. Our forests are in desperate need of management to prevent catastrophic wildfires we are experiencing this summer. We the taxpayers should expect better decisions from the Forest Service.

Terri Clark


Don’t reward Laxalt


Adam Laxalt had four years as Nevada’s Attorney General to investigate and shut down Harry Reid’s corrupt Clark County election machine that kept Republicans out of key offices. Now he wants to be Nevada’s Republican nominee for United States Senate. Republican voters shouldn’t reward his inaction. No thanks, Mr. Laxalt.

Lynn Muzzy


Thanks so much for support


Amidst the many recent disasters in our world, something wonderful happened.

A community came together for one of their own. My dear friends Michelle Garcia, Angela Winburn and Kayla Scheneman organized a fundraiser on my behalf. Winks Silver Strike Bowling Alley owners Stacey Winkelpleck and Branden Kennon provided the venue. There are not words that can express how grateful I am to these people. The Douglas County Sheriff Mounted Posse also supported this event. I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful team of volunteers.

Going through a battle with Cancer is a difficult journey. Suffering multiple other financial and personal losses on top of that makes it even harder. I am humbled and grateful to all of the people, friends, family and businesses who showed up, donated and came to see me. I will pay it forward in any way I can.

I am ecstatic to tell you that I have been officially pronounced No Evidence Of Disease. The Carson Tahoe Cancer Center and I beat it.

We are coming up on October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage all who are eligible to get their yearly checks done.

Christine Mills


Our community is blessed


It has been four months now since the tragic passing of my grandchildren’s parents. The family being fairly new to the community did not know where to turn to for help, but the Department of Social Services was there to assist them during this difficult time. The weekly visits to the food closet were such a huge help as they began to face the future alone. Our community is blessed with resources available to help those in need. With the holidays and the annual food drive approaching, it is my wish that this year we can contribute even more than in past years. My sincere thanks to all parties involved with these organizations as they help people get through tough times. You may never know how your life can quickly change from one day to the next and you might find yourself in a desperate situation.

Rest in peace together, Scott and Kelly.

Myna Christy



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