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Life in Smith and Mason valleys

Ron Walker

Ron Walker


“I’m livin’ the dream,’” the checker at Raley’s in Yerington chortles and follows with “paper or plastic?” I carry on his good mood and go home and email my neighbor Aaron Branch. Aaron and his lovely partner Laurel, have chickens and this morning I was sitting on my patio with a cup of Dunkin Donut’s coffee and life was as blissful as could be. Only one thing was missing; the rooster’s crow.
What I learned from my fowl wrangling neighbor, was one of the hens had died during the night. I had surmised that the rooster had a sore throat, but this news changed everything. Was there the possibility of homicide and a “rooster’s remorse?” Aaron is in law enforcement, so I voiced my concern.
Turns out Aaron’s rooster wasn’t the culprit; death by natural causes. Next morning the rooster’s melodious crow was back. Case solved.
Sometimes twice a week, Orllyene and I dine at “Sherry’s Stage Stop and Saloon” in Yerington. Sherry and Coy are the owners. They recently sponsored their 2nd annual Easter Celebration with the folks of Yerington. At 11 a.m. on Easter Sunday, Yerington’s churches call them and give the number of meals they would like for their congregations. At 1 p.m., residents come by the café for Easter meals. This is all done through the generosity of Sherry and Coy. A few supplies are donated but they bear the cost and do all the work.
After this event, Sherry and Coy drove to Florida (no flights available) to be with Sherry’s mother. She is in hospice. Although tired from the long drive, and with sad feelings they are back.
Last night, Orllyene and I made our pilgrimage to “Sherry’s.” Sitting adjacent to us was an interesting looking couple. The gentleman said his name was John Fullenider and Deloris was his wife. From the get-go, this was not to be a “where are you from” conversation. John gave us a quick rundown of his life starting with he and Deloris’s marriage.
Both John and Deloris were adamant that Jesus insisted that He wanted them wed. Both people are very close to God and aren’t reluctant to speak about their communications with Jesus. Even though Deloris is a whole lot older than John, they have been married for a goodly amount of time.
John has worked at many jobs, and once fell 40’ and survived on one of them. Once when he was head of a successful business company, he didn’t know how to read or write. He went to a library and the librarians helped him learn. Other personal events flowed out in rapid succession.
Once living in Silver Springs, Deloris broke her back and would not go to the hospital because she didn’t have the money. For a week she stayed at home in bed. She couldn’t pay so wouldn’t go. Finally, she relented and eventually someone paid her hospital bill.
Orllyene and I sat spellbound. John used the phrase “In Jesus name” in incident after incident. I almost slid forward off my chair, I was so enthralled. I finally said, “John, I would like to be closer to Jesus.”
John glanced at Orllyene and asked if she had any health issues. She replied yes and he matter-of-factly said, “well let’s pray.” And that’s what we did, the three of us listening to John’s words; “Lord, you said that if we came to you, you would help us and we expect your help now.” His prayer was very “one on one” in tone and Deloris sat at his side, in complete agreement. “In Jesus name,” began to have lasting meaning for me.
After Sherry brought our check, we drove home to Smith Valley, feeling exhilarated. We had been in the right place at the right time.
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