Duane Wolting

Duane Wolting

Duane Wolting

Duane Ernest Wolting June 14, 1951 - September 18, 2019

 Duane Ernest Wolting, 68, passed away peacefully on September 18, 2019 in Carson City, Nevada.

Duane was born June 14, 1951 in Long Beach, California. He was adopted by Adrian and Marie Wolting; eventually having a brother, David. Duane became an Eagle Scout in 1966 and graduated from Westminister High School in 1969; going on to pursue Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue University, Class of 1972. His first job out of college was with Hughes Aircraft Company in 1973.

Duane married Elizabeth Wolting (Mannick) and moved to Loveland, Colorado where his oldest daughter, Alicia was born, then to Vancouver, Washington where his daughter Michelle was born. During these years, his passion for classical music evolved and he studied to become a pilot, while continuing his professional life.

In the early 1980's Duane made his way back to California and settled in Roseville where he built a home, pursued a Masters Degree in Statistics at UC Davis, class of 1986 and began working for Aerojet. Here, his son Matthew was born.

Duane spent many years in California and traveling the world on work assignments; even completing his first triathlon in Sacramento, before heading to Nevada where he continued in his passion for music and teaching. In Yearington and Carson City, he taught K-12 grades and worked to implement music back into the school system there. He also spent years working to write his first Symphony.

Duane is survived by his 3 children: Alicia (married to Mike), Michelle (married to Chris) and Matthew, wife Elizabeth and 6 grandchildren: Haley (Alicia), Mason & Marshall (Mike), Noah and Taylor (Matthew) and Emma (Michelle).

When the stars are soft & bright we will see you in the sky. Safe journey Dad, we will miss you... 6/14/51-9/18/19 


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