Letters to the Editor for September 21, 2019

Growing traffic will impact quality of life in Carson City

I am writing about the proposed reduction in traffic lanes in south Carson City. We are growing in this city. I see many homes and apartments being built. It’s no secret that the city wants to grow and have more people. Why in the world would you want to reduce traffic to two lanes? More people means more traffic. One of the many great things about living in Carson City is the relative ease of getting around town. Nobody likes sitting in traffic; if we did, we would move to the Bay Area. Please use common sense and keep the lanes the way they are and not have to add lanes in the future when there are too many cars for two lanes.

Ken Dayley

Carson City

Leadership skills

Last Saturday’s Record Courier had an article headline, “The traits of good leaders and how you can gain skills for success on the job.”

The heading “Communication” spoke about honest communication, and being open to feedback. “Self-Management” mentioned being able to manage emotions, recognize weaknesses and strengths. “Integrity” advised consistently acting with decorum and respect. “Confidence” noted that there is a fine line between assertive confidence and being boastful or cocky. “Delegation” of tasks, it said, is not a sign of weakness. And finally, “Accountability” observed that placing blame elsewhere when it’s not warranted can diminish others’ trust in you.

The article concludes by stating that, “Leadership skills are valued in all walks of life. Honing such skills,” it notes, “can benefit professionals as they look to accomplish their goals and advance their careers.”

Judging from what I see in The White House I am forced to conclude that having to opposite of such skills can also benefit professionals as they, “look to accomplish their goals and advance their careers.” So why bother?

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

Reflect, cherish and enjoy the new decade

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my life of 43 years, both good and bad. I’ve lived through a lot of happiness; I even suffered some tragedy and loss. I turned 25 years old when 9/11/2001 occurred and we forever lost The Twin Towers in New York City. I’ve experienced suicide from another family member, not to mention a huge falling out with other family members.

I’ve held onto the same job for over 22 years. I’ve met some wonderful people, either in real life or on Facebook. I’ve made some very bad lapses of judgment that nearly cost me my entire reputation. Lastly, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of supporting live music in both Northern Nevada and Central California.

I know that I am not a perfect person. Even so, I intend to use my life experiences to promote peace and love, however I can. I want to become even better than I was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. So, happy new decade to everyone.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City


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