Sisolak condemns Trump’s Yucca funding

Gov. Steve Sisolak has condemned President Donald Trump’s inclusion of $116 million in his proposed budget to restart licensing for Yucca Mountain.

“President Trump’s request to restart the process for turning Yucca Mountain into a nuclear waste dump is yet another example of the federal government ignoring the will of Nevadans by attempting to shove even more unwanted toxic material down our throats.”

He promised to use every available option to ensure the project doesn’t go forward.

“Our congressional delegation has my full support in fighting this latest attempt by the federal government to dump nuclear waste in Nevadans’ backyards without our consent.”

The funding request in the federal fiscal 2020 budget follows the announcement in January that, late last year, the federal Department of Energy secretly transported a half-ton of plutonium from South Carolina to Nevada. Sisolak along with Attorney General Aaron Ford described that as an egregious violation of trust after the state’s lawyers had been told no shipment would occur before the end of January.


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