Get Healthy Carson City: Eat your water

The human body is made up of about 60 percent water. Each day, our bodies lose water through urine and sweat. To keep our bodies working properly we need to put that water back into them to be hydrated. This is extra important on hot days when the heat causes us to sweat more making our bodies lose more water.

Water from a faucet or drinking fountain might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about water. Did you know that you can hydrate your body with things on your plate not just what is in your cup? According to the Institute of Medicine, about 20 percent of our water intake comes from foods, mainly fruits and vegetables.

On hot summer days, beat the heat with what you eat. The following fruits and vegetables have high water content and are also packed with other good-for-you things:

Cucumbers: Fresh cucumbers contain 95 percent water and have vitamins and minerals that help reduce skin irritation.

Celery: Also contains 95 percent water. Celery is high in vitamin K, folate and potassium while having a low calorie count and satisfying our crunch craving.

Iceberg lettuce: Tying with cucumbers and celery, iceberg lettuce also contains 95 percent water. If you prefer your summer salad to be heart-healthy, spinach is another good option at 91 percent water.

Zucchini: This popular summer squash contains almost 95 percent water and vitamins and minerals in it that help protect your body from pollution damage.

Watermelon: The name says it all; watermelon contains 91 percent water as well as a nutrient that helps protect cells from sun damage.

Strawberries: The sweet flavor of strawberries is not their only benefit. These little berries contain 91 percent water and are connected with healthy brain function.

Cauliflower: Having 92 percent water, this mashed potatoes substitute is high in vitamin C, vitamin K and other key nutrients.

Turning hydrating fruits and veggies into fresh juices and frozen fruit popsicles are sweet ways to stay hydrated while beating the heat. There are many other great foods to help you stay hydrated with our summer heat! Visit to explore the water content of your favorite foods.

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