Letters to the Editor for August 10, 2019

Common knowledge?

Women and liberty.

There is something very special and unique about them. I think they should be adored. There are rocks and there are gemstones.

In “Annie’s Song,” John Denver said, “You fill up my senses.”

We naturally make comparisons between things. A good comparison for women would be wine.

Some wine is better than others. If we were to compare women the way we compare wine, it would have to include their aspects from the reactionary — physical, emotional, intellectual — to the way they conduct themselves, how they respond to adoration, their appreciation of it and, yes, right down to their color, taste and smell. That, of course, is strictly up to them. Sometimes, this adoration goes to their heads instead of their hearts. This tends to put them in a different category.

I don’t mean that they should be worshipped. Worship is reserved for their first cause, without which they would not even exist.

The fact that there is a difference between male and female, gender and non-gender, whatever, is significant because ultimately one without the other isn’t.

Just as freedom without the liberty to use it also isn’t.

Is it freedom and justice for all or liberty and justice for all?

What I have just stated is common knowledge, not some tremendous intellectual accomplishment, merely a reminder.

Why are humans the only species that can reason and be stupid at the same time?

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

Proposed legislation hurts stroke victims’ chances

The sooner a stroke patient can access care, the better the chances of survival and recovery. A recent study by Rush University Medical Center found that stroke patients who are transferred to a hospital by air ambulance were able to receive surgery significantly sooner, thus providing them the best chances at recovering. Despite the lifesaving care and transport air medical services provide, their ability to continue operating is facing a severe threat due to outdated government reimbursement rates that don’t meet today’s true cost of care. The proposed Lower Health Care Costs Act further threatens air medical operations. Section 105 of this legislation allows insurers to pay air medical providers even lower rates, which would lead to increased base closures, and longer transport times for stroke patients and would threaten health outcomes. Congress must do right by stroke patients and reject this proposed legislation. Millions of lives depend on it.

Carter Johnson, spokesperson, Save Our Air Medical Resources campaign

Washington, D.C.

Weddings and sports

Adelina Lancianese reported on weddings and global warming. She said that cakes, flowers, guests and wedding parties are harder to keep cool at an outdoor wedding in the summer, so spring and fall are becoming more popular. Caterers, florists and wedding planners have many adjustments to make for a summer outdoor wedding to go smoothly. Fainting brides and fake cakes are not good alternatives.

Global warming has also affected sports. Last fall, Roger Federer struggled in the U.S. Open due to the heat. Should the tennis match be moved to a cooler time of year? Winter sports are affected as well. The winter Olympics had trouble with having enough snow in 2010 in Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi.

Our everyday lives are now being impacted by global warming.

Tell Congress to enact measures to slow down global warming, now.

Nancy Scott

Carson City

Sisolak’s actions worth supporting

I am writing this letter in support of our Nevada governor, Steve Sisolak. After the October 2017 horrific mass shooting occurred in Las Vegas, the governor immediately went to work to establish some gun control laws. On a more personal level, he did not hesitate to greet his fellow constituents after being sworn in as our new governor. Morever, he has a wonderful attitude; he is always open-minded to talk with anyone.

However, the governor’s character is already being called into question. After just seven months in the Nevada State Capitol, some of our fellow residents want to recall him. Really? They dislike him that much? Just because he’s a Democrat? Or is it because the residents are so worried about having their gun rights taken away?

I truly believe that some people’s opinions toward Sisolak are either slanted or misdirected. Therefore, I will proudly continue to stand by him in hopes that he will leave an important legacy for others to follow.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City

Hate Hasn’t a Chance

The Bible condensed

love God love one another,

all are our sisters

all are our brothers

Hatred produces

only more hate,

love is the way

no need for debate

No people there are

who give more then we,

we’re guided by God

we’re the home of the free

All those who walk

with hate and not love,

shall watch as we rise

ever higher above

Hate hasn’t a chance

with what love can do,

in the home of the free

God’s red white and blue

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City

Waste of money

In the Aug. 7 Nevada Appeal, the roundabout at Stewart and Carson streets (“South Carson Street design process nearing completion”) is by far the biggest waste of money our city fathers have come up with in a while. Why not use that money to repair our side streets, including mine? I hope others will agree with me and stop this big mistake.

Glenn Bush

Carson City


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