Hof to open “rejuvenation center” next to Bunny Ranch

Dennis Hof has announced plans for an anti-Aging Rejuvenation Center next door to the Bunny Ranch Brothel just east of Carson City in Lyon County.

Hof said the $6 million facility will be operated by Dr. Graham Simpson, founder of Eternity Medicine and Intelligent Health.

Eternity Health was formed, according to Hof, to “reverse cardio-metabolic disease responsible for aging and sexual dysfunction.”

He said studies show 40 percent of men over 40 suffer form erectile dysfunction and up to 48 percent of women some form of sexual dysfunction.

Hof said the Moonlite Bunny Lane Resort will offer memberships much like belonging to a health club.

The center, he said, “will provide the latest science and technology to optimize sexual health.”

“Health, the great recreation, in a confidential setting, provides the rationale for our business approach,” he said.


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