Fallon Youth Baseball honors longtime volunteer

Michael “Mic” Miller has been involved with the Fallon Youth Baseball’s program for five decades, first as a Little League player, a coach, equipment manager and league president.

He played Little League baseball from 1949-1954 and began coaching the Farm team in 1967 and move up the leagues with his four sons.

For three years, he was equipment manager and then president of the league in 1978-79. Afterward, he coached Babe Ruth baseball for several seasons.

Miller, though, stayed involved as a spectator, watching his older grandchildren as well as watching players he coached become coaches and mentors to their own children. In 2013, Miller returned to coaching for his younger grandkids and with the help of his family, Kimi and Jesse Melendy, Eric Honea, Tyler Cole and Jenny Rechel ... when they could be there.

He worked with many great people over the year. Although he said winning is nice, Miller said playing the game is more about teaching the players the game, which includes sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility and how to be a better person. He said without parental support and all the great people who volunteer their time, these programs couldn’t exist. Miller said he is happy he could be a part of Fallon Youth Baseball for all these years.


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