Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

Hartman not qualified to criticize Trump

Jim Hartman’s column “Apple’s Big Business Bonanza in Nevada” in the Jan. 28 Appeal credits the Trump-initiated tax law that triggered Apple’s decision to build a $4 million warehouse in Reno. Too bad Hartman, ostensibly a Republican, went on to gratuitously slur Trump as “erratic” and decry his tweeting as “nonsensical attacks, childlike taunts, and untruths.”

We President Trump supporters take great satisfaction in his victories, and we’re especially pleased when his bold messaging gets under the thin skin of preening poseurs and self-appointed social critics.

Since arriving in Nevada, Hartman has been involved in two failed political campaigns, one to unseat Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and the other to defeat Proposition 2 to legalize marijuana. This makes him about as qualified to denigrate Trump’s communication skills as the mob of left wing anti-Trump letter writers, with their fact-free rants, trying to distract from Trump’s roaring economy and America’s new world leadership.

Lynn Muzzy



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