Carson City health inspections for Aug. 23

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Aug. 23. A, B, or C grades are given based on the inspection score, which starts at zero. Points are added for each violation. Note: Low-risk factors are noted but not factored into scoring, although restaurants are still required to correct them.

A Catered Affaire, support kitchen and caterer, 701 S. Carson St., score: 0, grade: A.

Pizza Factory, 3120 E. Highway 50, Suite 3, score: 0, grade: A.

Starbucks, 1410 E. William St., score: 0, grade: A.

Starbucks, 2238 N. Carson St., Suite 15, score: 0, grade: A.

Starbucks, 2320 S. Carson St., score: 0, grade: A.

Starbucks, 3325 Retail Drive, Suite 200, score: 0, grade: A.

Stewart Conservation Camp, market, 1721 E. Snyder Ave., score: 0, grade: A. Gaps and holes were found in walls, doors, or windows, leaving the building vulnerable to pest entry. Unnecessary items were stored on the premise. The unapproved use of glue boards and snap traps with bait as a means of pest control was noted in food storage areas.

Subway, 100 W. Winnie Lane, score: 0, grade: A.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2523 N. Carson St., score: 4, grade: A. The code mandating the person in charge be present during food operation and demonstrate knowledge of food safety practices was in violation, as was the code mandating handwashing sinks be easily available, stocked with soap and disposable towels and exclusively used for handwashing. The garbage storage container lids were open during the inspection.

Panda Kitchen & Sushi, 1986 E. William St., score: 2, grade: A. The code mandating the person in charge be present during food operation and demonstrate knowledge of food safety practices was in violation.

Stewart Conservation Camp, kitchen, 1721 E. Snyder Ave., score: 7, grade: A. The inspector noted an excessive number of flies in the facility. The exit door of the kitchen wasn’t closing properly, preventing adequate pest control. Test strips weren’t readily available to measure sanitizer concentrations. The inspector also made the following recommendations: don’t use cardboard to stand on at the prep sink; remove cobwebbing on ceiling and on light standards in the kitchen; the floor of the walk-in cooler must be cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent basis. Milk was observed on the floor of the walk-in. Additionally, lights weren’t properly protected in case the glass bulbs break. End caps were needed on the overhead light tubes in the kitchen and food storage area, as well as light standard shields for all overhead light standards. Potentially hazardous food, particularly bagged milk, was being held at temperatures that support micro-organism growth.

China East, 1810 Highway 50 E., score: 9, grade: A. An inadequate amount of chlorine residual was found on dishes following the mechanical dishwasher’s final rinse. Beef, chicken, egg rolls and other products were being held at unsafe temperatures and weren’t properly labeled to verify how long they’d been outside of temperature control. Ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food wasn’t date marked. Nonfood-contact surfaces were dirty. Grease and food debris needed to be cleared from the ventilation hood grates. The floor and surfaces behind the kitchen line equipment also needed to be cleaned. Warewashing equipment was inadequate, damaged or otherwise in need of repair. Staff needed to check the dishwashing unit daily with test strips and clean the filter. The coving under the dishwasher needed caulking. The cutting board surfaces were excessively cracked, cut or chipped.


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