The Popcorn Stand: Costumed dogs have their day

As I’ve written before I’m not going to subject my dogs Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington Something or Other) the Jack Russell or Pete the Shih Tzu to wearing a costume on Halloween. Although I’m still trying to talk Nevada Appeal editor Adam Trumble to dressing up his English bulldog Reggie in a New York Yankees pinstripe shirt with the No. 44 in honor of Reggie Jackson.

Because I have to admit I enjoy watching other people’s dogs being dressed up.

So it was fun to see New Yorkers get a jump on Halloween with their dogs during the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade on Saturday. There were some great costumes displayed on dogs in Manhattan and I have to admit one of my favorites — and it had nothing to do with my disdain for Donald Trump — was “Dogald” Trump.

There was also an absolutely adorable doggie sailor while not all that original is always a classic. Oscar the Grouch was also a cute little guy. There was also a cute little one in a kissing booth, although I must share I unwillingly receive kisses from Tuf Tuf all the time.

The dog owners in Manhattan also keep up on current events as displayed by one “dog scout” who displayed the sign “We accept CATS in our troop.” There was the Staten Island “Furry,” an absolutely adorable English bulldog that would give Reggie a run for his money depicted in the “Shawshank Redemption,” and a mini-Wookie (how do you spell that again?).

It was definitely enjoyable to see these dogs have their day. You can check out the dogs and their costumes here:

— Charles Whisnand


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