Past Pages for Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

150 Years Ago

Scotchmen and Englishmen compared: A writer in the Tribune draws a lively contrast between the intellectual peculiarities of the Scotch and English. He says: In England, religion and philosophy are a feeling; in Scotland, everything is an argument. If an angel descended in London, he would be asked to speak a few gracious words of celestial goodwill. In Edinburgh he would be called upon to mend some broken evidence, or reconcile some troublesome contractions. A Scotchman’s blood seems made up of serum and syllogisms. If you prick him here, trickles out an argument.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: Grapes are now being raised in the thermal belt around the base of Mt. Davidson. The white flag flies from the capital and fair weather is expected.

100 Years Ago

In a holdup that has some features that are mystifying to the police, Frank F. Dupray, master mechanic at the Belmont mine at Tonopah, was shot twice and robbed of $160 in bills, several dollars in silver and a diamond ring in Reno. One bullet shattered the third finger of Dupray’s left hand so that amputation was necessary, and the other bullet passed through his left arm, splintering the bone.

70 Years Ago

Fire which swept through a Sierra Pacific Power company warehouse last night caused damage accounting to about $4,000, a manager reported today. The warehouse is located across the street from the Dutch Mill, on the corner of Plaza street and Fourth Avenue.

50 Years Ago

The Seafarers Union has protested to Gov. Paul Laxalt a proposal for a grey book for cheating dealers patterned after Nevada’s notorious black book.

30 Years Ago

A man wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with an automatic assault rifle fired shots in a Stateline area casino this morning, narrowly missing some patrons. The incident ended in the casino parking lot where a man was shot and wounded by a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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