It has reached Watergate proportions

The president knew full well that Michael Flynn was under investigation, possibly criminal investigation, for sharing information with the Russians. Yet, during a National Security meeting in February, he asked everyone to leave the room except FBI director James Comey. It was during this setting that the president asked the FBI director to “make the investigation of Flynn go away”. Saying that Flynn was a nice guy seemed to be enough reason for the president to ask Comey to quell the investigation. This is possibly an attempt to obstruct justice.

Now, we are being told that the president himself may have shared confidential intelligence obtained from Israel concerning ISIS with Russians Sergey Lavrov, the Russians minister of Foreign Affairs, and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States in a meeting in which only the Russian press was allowed. The president can say whatever he wishes to whomeverhe wishes anytime he wishes, even classified intelligence. Doing so however threatens the welfare of informants and discourages anyone who might want to help our intelligence efforts. And it’s just plain stupid. Just imagine what the Republicans would be saying if Hillary Clinton was president and had done this. It’s not printable.

President Trump seems to believe that Russia is our ally! Just who in this country doesn’t know better? To all those who voted for this man let me just say we told you so. He’s incompetent, misguided, politically ignorant and very possibly guilty of obstructing justice.

If you still support Trump after all that has gone on, I can only question your intelligence. Are you really so ignorant that you believed that President Trump fired Comey for being mean to Hillary Clinton as everyone on his staff was told to tell us by the Donald. Then Trump drove over them with a truck by admitting that he fired Comey because he was continuing with that “Russian thing.”

The latest revelation that he actually asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation is just another in a long list of scandalous behavior that this president has engaged in. Trump fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates because she dared tell him that Flynn had possibly committed crimes by sharing information with the Russians, and she wouldn’t enforce his unconstitutional ban on Muslims entering this country.

He fired Flynn for lying to the vice president. Sure he did! And he fired FBI director James Comey because he was continuing with the “Russian thing”. If, and it’s a big if, the president told Comey to end his investigation of Flynn, and if he fired Comey because he refused to do so, that would surely be an obstruction of justice and at the very least an impeachable offense.

It’s probably a bit premature to talk impeachment, but it seems to be more probable than one would have thought just weeks ago. It’s time for the Republicans in Congress to put politics aside and put their country first. They can do so by supporting Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed last week, and if necessary a special prosecutor, to look into the possible collusion between the Russians and members of the Trump campaign. Sen. John McCain said that “It has reached Watergate size and scale.”He’s right.

An attempt to interfere, influence, impede or end a federal investigation with corrupt intent is a crime. Evidence is being made public everyday that the president may have done just that. There must be consequences for the president’s actions.

The thing that troubles me the most is his telling his staff to tell the public that he fired Comey for being mean to Hillary, then when the public wouldn’t buy that, he hung them all out to dry, by saying it was actually because of the “Russian thing.” This is so typical of our president. He can do no wrong, only his staff can do wrong.

Here is a list of all Trump’s people having contact with Russians or doing business in Russia: Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Rex Tillerson, Wilbur Ross, Roger Stone ( contact with Russian hackers), J.D.Gordon, Michael Cohen, Eric Prince, Ivanka Trump, Felix Sater, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr., and, of course, Donald Trump. Can there be any doubt of our president’s close ties to Russia?

President Trump keeps complaining about the poor treatment he is receiving from the American press, but the press is only printing the facts. President Trump has brought all his bad publicity upon himself. He is drunk with power and thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences.

He can’t.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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