Why is the traditional smiley face yellow?

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.

Color says so much about us and our surroundings. It also says so much about our personalities, the color preference of our cars, clothing and more. Business logos take color selection seriously, for we have been programmed to associate color with a certain meaning or feeling.

Have you ever noticed the color of the Windows logo? Not many take note that there are the four colors representing four distinct personality styles – green, yellow, blue, and orange.

Here’s a peek into the psychology behind the primary colors used to identify personality traits and attract customers.

Let’s start with the optimistic and sunny yellow. This color is associated with fun and happiness and that’s why it is used in the smiley face logo we’ve come to love and pass on in our texts when we are happy with a message or photo. A predominately yellow logo denotes the company is positive and friendly. Think Cheerios, Best Buy and Hertz.

Orange also is a friendly color and is used by companies wanting to convey the message their products are mentally stimulating, yet playful and friendly. Creativity, warmth, and excitement are associated with this color. Think Harley-Davidson and that playful Amazon smile.

Green is a tranquil color often associated with money and used by many financial companies. But, it is also associated with earth-friendly products and youth. Think Whole Foods Market, John Deere and Starbucks.

Blue denotes the company is professional, stable, logical and trustworthy. It’s a tranquil color and the preferred color by most. Think American Express, Ford, IBM, Lowes, GE, companies that have been around a long time.

Though there is no research showing the Windows logo was designed with these colors in mind, anyone who knows colors may deduce this is the reason behind the four-color choice and when you think of the fun everyone has with computers and the many people who create programs come from all these colors, it’s very easy to make this assumption.

Are you an orange, yellow, blue or green? You could be predominately one or a mix. The science is quite fascinating and used by many human resources department to assure the right mix of personalities.

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