Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On public use of marijuana: Does this insanity know no bounds?

It would appear that this year’s legislative session is intent on breaking all barriers in regards to normalcy, intelligence and common sense. As if it were not bad enough to introduce bills that would excuse teachers from knowing our state and federal constitutions, prohibit our local and state law enforcement officers from doing their job and working with federal law enforcement officers, now we have elected legislators proposing that we approve use of marijuana in public meeting locations such as restaurants.

After years of struggle and agonizing efforts to finally make public gathering places free from the known health risks of secondhand smoke from cigarettes, our “let people do what they want no matter the consequences” legislator from down south is actually proposing we make smoking and use of marijuana in public gathering places legal.

One must ask why such a small minority of Nevada citizens would be allowed to poison and pollute these public gathering places with a known hallucinogen and mind-altering substance, when most Nevadans don’t want anything to do with marijuana? How can anyone justify subjecting children and the elderly of our state (not to mention the rest of us) to this damaging drug in the name of personal freedom? The users of this substance were, mistakenly in my opinion, granted the right of legal personal use, now they are intent on forcing the rest of us to become drug users with them! I don’t think so.

Richard Martin

Carson City


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