Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump’s daily denigrations are nonsensical

I had no idea I was living in a third world country. Again, on a daily basis, it seems our illegitimate tweeter-in-chief denigrates every noun (person, place or thing) that enters his tiny brain. There seems to be no end to his rants. His limited vocabulary, however, has settled on just a few words; “disaster,” “loser(s)” and “complete mess.”

“This country is a complete mess and has been for years. The auto, airline, manufacturing industries are a total disaster. Obamacare is a complete mess and a disaster. The borders are a complete mess. Anyone who differs with me are losers. The Education Department is a disaster run by losers.” And only he can fix it. Appoint a totally unqualified billionaire with no public education experience. That’s the solution.

According to this brilliant observer of our nation, it would seem everyone would be trying to leave this mess instead of immigrating here. How would that work? Would he expedite the visas for those heading out and still block those coming in?

And now we have an Attorney General who wasn’t fit to be a federal judge 30 years ago. It’s all good now though. That’s the base. Along with the Christians (the true religion of America), the homophobes, and the gun owners. The southern strategy of the Republican Party. Look it up, folks. I can’t waste these precious words explaining to you.

And last I checked, there weren’t massive protests outside of Nordstrom for its “disastrous” treatment of Ivanka.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City


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