Letters to the editor for Sunday, March 12, 2017

A message to Sen. Heller

In regard to the Trumpian EPA delaying a regulation that would require mine companies to have the finances to be able to clean up their pollution, our Sen. Heller had this to say in support of the delay: the Obama administration was “too quick to hand down harsh regulations and rules without considering the impact.”

Let me say to the senator who runs from town hall meetings, here is what “harsh” is: letting the taxpayer cover the costs of the cleanup and not the entity that caused the pollution. You break it, you own it and you should fix it.

After all, are not Republicans responsible and want less federal governmental interference and intervention?

Robert Simpson


Hypocrisy at play in Trump opposition

It’s obvious people are not paying any attention to what they are complaining about and all because the new president isn’t the one they wanted in office.

Wake up, America! The crap that’s making the news is a joke. With the removal of God, not just from our political system, but more importantly, from our schools, very little of an issue was made.

To all you people who are trying to convince yourselves that you are still the minority and creating mountains from molehills, you land a spot in the media and play a victim, thinking you sound and look innocent. Well, you’re not, and you look and sound like a troublemaker.

The most recent is the biggest joke yet. Donald Trump and family already taking a vacation and who he was taking with him and what it was going to cost the taxpayers. Hello, I don’t recall any issues when Obama took his many vacations that included his mother-in-law and others, all the time! Wake up, America! Who do you think paid for his many vacations because it sure wasn’t him.

If you must be so bold and have the need to point the finger, make sure what you’re making an issue about hasn’t already taken place on your side of the court. Your sniveling is pathetic.

Dennis Lee

Carson City

Deyo’s commentary in need of research

Regarding Sanford E. Deyo’s guest column of Feb. 17, the statement that Malia Obama’s net worth is $275 million seemed unbelievable.

Baptistboard.com must be where you get your information because it reports that “People with Money” says she is the “highest paid heir in the world,” due to lucrative endorsement deals with Cover Girl and owning several restaurants, and owning the football team Chicago Angels and the perfume line “With Love from Malia” and the fashion line “Malia Obama Seduction.”

The website eventually refers to this as “satire,” but Mr. Deyo thinks it’s factual and includes it with all his other alternative facts.

None of us should believe everything we read, especially iffy websites. You do know the younger daughter’s name is not Natasha?

Marilyn Madrigal

Carson City

Love thy neighbor

Love thy neighbor. How? By doing anonymous random acts of kindness in your neighborhood.

No one knows who the person is, so everyone is nice to everybody.

Mike Timmerman


President’s tribute to fallen Navy SEAL disingenuous

President Trump continues to feed his own narcissistic ego! In his speech to Congress he uncharacteristically, in an extended presentation of recognition, honored William Ryan Owen’s grieving widow, Carryn Owen.

It is obvious that this display was only to feed his own ego and possibly cover up any miscalculations of the raid in Yemen.

Trump is disingenuous because Trump dishonored the Muslim Gold Star Khizr Khan family during his campaign last summer. Their son, Capt. Humayun Khan, was killed in Iraq in 2006.

Donald Trump’s behavior toward them was shameful. He never apologized. And now he exploited Carryn Owens’ grief to satisfy his own needs.

We will never know if that raid was truly successful. I am just wondering if it was necessary. We won’t know that, either.

But it really doesn’t matter as there have been thousands of Americans who gave up their lives in successful and unsuccessful wars of our country. All of them and their families need to be honored as was Carryn.

I am hoping that Carryn will honor her husband and all of our fallen heroes by sharing her grief with other Gold Star families that gave up a member for the love of our country. I thank her for her courage in loving an American soldier. God bless!

Margaret Konieczny

Carson City

Time to put hostility aside and work together

Obstructionism: The practice of deliberately delaying or preventing a process or change, especially in politics. Seems we are all victims of the “Great Compromise.”

Time to quit whimpering. Time to quit gloating. Time to come together and do the will of the people!

One nation under God. God save America.

Larry Dobson

Carson City


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