Setting up the win

Kamryn Palidini defends the net during the Sagebrush League end-of-season tournament.

Kamryn Palidini defends the net during the Sagebrush League end-of-season tournament.

Churchill County Middle School’s seventh-grade volleyball team closed its season taking first place in the Sagebrush League tournament over the weekend.

The seventh-grade team did well, winning the semifinal match against Yerington in three sets (25-23, 15-7). They won the championship match in two (25-14, 25-17).

Seventh-grade coach Heather Stokes said two servers stood out during the semifinal match. She said Sativa Clark and Emily Clyburn had great serves with Clark estimated as serving 20-25 points during the tournament.

“Sativa Clark had a phenomenal day, not missing a single serve,” Stokes said.

She also praised her setters — Clyburn, Tyla Steele and Addie Smith — and said Kamryn Paladini, Micky McAlexander and Amya Fernandez “were all strong assets at the net.”

“All of my setters really stepped up their game,” Stokes said. “Addie Smith was very strong at the net, getting multiple points with being aggressive on the net.”

Stokes said the Wave seventh-graders had great matches and came together as a team. She recalled they worked hard and communicated well; whenever a new player came off the bench, they had plenty of energy and did their job.

“The key to winning this past weekend was good passes that led to some awesome sets and hits and good serves,” Stokes said.

The seventh-graders were also awarded the sportsmanship award. The award goes to the team who shows the best team spirit and exhibits best overall sportsmanship with other teams.

The eighth-grade team won their match against Dayton in two sets but lost to Yerington in three; Stokes said the Yerington match was “a nail biter.”

“They played with a ton of heart and were passing and hitting phenomenally,” she said.

Stokes said the seventh-graders worked hard this season. Earlier in the season she noted how much they’ve improved since their first matches.

The final matches before the tournament were against Silver Stage, Winnemucca and Dayton; the seventh-graders won all three with Dayton and Silver Stage falling in two sets, and Winnemucca in three.

Stokes praised Clyburn for her 21-point serving run during the Dayton match. Jacilyn Cathey was also praised for her serves against Silver Stage.

The eighth-graders also won their last two matches against Winnemucca and Dayton, both in two sets, but lost to Silver Stage in two.

Eighth-grade coach Nicole Rogne could not be reached for information on the tournament.


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