Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New rules to hasten MLB games

In response to the “NOOOO!” (MLB) Popcorn Stand of Feb. 23 by Charles Whisnand, below are my “new” MLB rule changes to help speed up the game:

When a batter steps into the batter’s box, the pitcher is free to throw the ball when he chooses to do so. The pitcher may continue to throw the ball as soon as he is ready. If the batter has stepped out of the batter’s box for any reason, and the pitcher throws the ball over the plate, and the umpire calls it a strike ... it’s a strike.

Only four pitches are allowed per batter. If he “puts the ball in play,” then the normal rules apply. If the pitcher fails to strike out the batter, and the batter fails to “put the ball in play,” then the batter takes first base. Four pitches maximum ... and the results are either a base-on-balls, strike out, or a ball put-in-play. Four foul balls equals a walk.

There will not be any stoppage of play, with the exception of a foreign object or fan on the field, injury to a player, or an “act of God.” No more calling time out for a base-runner to dust himself off, adjust his gear, or grab himself.

As a result of these simple changes, the game of MLB will not only speed up, but become more fun to watch.

James Campbell



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