Yerington trumps CCMS

Amya Fernandez goes to spike the ball during Churchill County Middle School's first home game of the season.

Amya Fernandez goes to spike the ball during Churchill County Middle School's first home game of the season.

Early in the season, the Churchill County Middle School volleyball teams are getting used to the new season.

Both teams lost to the Yerington Lady Tigers Thursday, with the seventh grade ending 2-0 and the eighth grade 2-1.

Both seventh-grade matches were close. A string of serves from Kamryn Paladini, Charyce Ramsey and Tyla Steele quickly brought the Wave to 13 points. Yerington kept up its own strong offense, staying close until the score was tied at 21. Fallon scored 22-21, then turned the ball over to Yerington which scored three points to end the match.

After a back-and-forth opening in the second match, Yerington surged ahead and took the lead 16-9. However, the Lady Wave was able to get possession and began to inch their way back.

Behind 22-14, CCMS closed the gap behind the service points of Sativa Clark. Fallon trailed 22-20. Those were their last points of the match as the Lady Tigers took possession and scored their final three points to end the match.

Fallon seventh-grade coach Heather Stokes said they had a good match overall. She said there were lots of positive aspects and she saw some good things from the players.

“There’s definitely things we can work on still, but there was definitely a lot of good aspects as well,” Stokes said. “We got some hits, we got some sets, we got some really good serves.”

She added there’s a lot of season left and the team is excited for the upcoming matches.

Clark and Steele were praised for their serving, leading the team with eight points. Paladini and Micky McAlexander were noted for their hits.

“We had some really good things,” Stokes said. “We played really well as a team.”

She said they need to work on keeping up energy throughout the match and finishing strong.

The first eighth-grade match started with a tight score. Both sides kept close and neither team took a lead. At 4-2 to the Lady Tigers, Fallon broke away and surged into the lead. Yerington trailed 13-4 before they regained possession.

The Lady Tigers pulled into the lead 17-14. The close match continued as the teams battled to a tie at 19 points. Fallon pushed its way ahead 23-21, then closed the match 25-22.

The second match went very differently. Yerington rallied and quickly pulled to a 13-2 lead. While the Lady Wave tried to come back, bad plays kept turning the ball over to the Tigers. Fallon got some small pushes in, but Yerington’s strong servers quickly closed the match, 25-10.

Fallon recovered in the final match. The game was closer again as both teams exchanged strong volleys. In the end, Yerington received enough of a surge to top the Wave 15-10.

Fallon eighth-grade coach Nicole Rogne said she felt the girls played well and noted this was only their second league match. She said they would improve as the season continues.

Rogne praised Shaylee Fagg for her serving. Fagg was responsible for one of the Lady Wave’s surges during the first match.

Rogne admitted they needed more practice, having only had six practices before the match. She said the team would need to work on passing and serving before their next match.

Monday, middle school volleyball teams travelled to Carson City Middle School. Yesterday’s home match against Pyramid Lake was cancelled after the Lakers cancelled their season. Tomorrow the teams play at Silver Stage at 3 p.m.


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