They live in another world

They live in another world. It’s a world where fact is fiction and fiction is fact, in fantasyland things that are up are down, things that are hot are not, things that are left are right and things that are right are left. They will argue that things that are upside down are not downside up.

This fantasyland was created by the most gullible people on earth who believe Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, outrageous far right radio, the Enquirer, the Globe, the Drudge Report, President Donald Trump, fake news, and all the other Internet culprits.

In their world global warming is a hoax, Barrack Obama wasn’t born in this country, the votes of California residents shouldn’t be counted in elections and the Bible should be taught in public schools. A person believed to be a traitor by many, Wikileaks Julian Assange, is believed by this group to have more credibility than the entire intelligence community of the U.S.

In their world, the right to own an assault weapon is more important than the lives of children in school classrooms. If they had their way teachers would be packing guns.

It’s a world where women are sex objects who belong in the bedroom or in the kitchen but never in the oval office. Women can’t get abortions and are not paid the same as men for doing the same job. In their world, women are second-class citizens.

You’ll find white supremacists, Nazis, Homophobes, Xenophobes, racists, Misogynists and the like are looked upon with favor and placed in positions of authority in this strange new world. A majority of the people living there believe homosexuals can be cured through prayer and forgiveness, as does Vice President Pence. They think it’s just sinful behavior which can be stopped, like habitually telling lies as does Donald Trump.

Who are the people living in this fantasy world? They’re woefully ignorant people who understandably happen to be among those who voted for Trump.

Better than 50 percent of Trump’s supporters still say he won the popular vote in the election. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million votes! Trump himself adds to the confusion of his supporters when he claims to have won by a landslide with one of the largest victories in the history of the Electoral College. His win was narrow by most standards, finishing 46 out of 58 in history. Oh well, exaggeration is commonplace in the world the Trump supporters have whittled out for themselves.

Sixty percent of Trump’s supporters claim that more than a million votes for Hillary Clinton were cast illegally. There haven’t been any reported charges of illegal voting in the election, that I’m aware of. That’s zero, not one million.

Sixty percent of Trump’s supporters also believe that unemployment went up while Obama was president. Actually it dropped from almost 10 percent to 4.7 percent. Also more than 50 percent of them believe that exports decreased since NAFTA. They’re wrong again, they’ve actually increased.

Many Trump supporters believe the stock market went down while Obama was president. That is what happens when you refuse to read newspapers and rely on rumors on the Internet for your news. The stock market rose dramatically while Obama was president, rising from about 7,000 to a tick under 20,000.

Yes, in their world up is down and down is up. Illegal immigration has gone down under Obama’s watch, while deportations have risen. They claim the opposite is true. More or less, less is more and more is less, in the fantasy world of this pathetic party of uninformed people.

The increase in the cost of health insurance premiums averaged 5.2 percent a year for the five years proceeding Obamacare, but has been rising only 4 percent a year since Obamacare. That’s a reduction from what it would have been. This is according to a just completed study by Kaiser Family Foundation. People should not be so quick to say Obama lied when he said there would be a reduction in the cost of healthcare premiums.

Of course the Trump supporters, who don’t care for facts, will undoubtedly say the folks at Kaiser are a group of liars. That’s what they believe most reporters are, including the Associated Press, and every major newspaper, in which all the information in this column has been published over and over. Maybe they can’t read. You reckon?

It’s too easy to blame Trump for what his supporters believe. The fault lies with them, they have chosen to be ignorant. If you search for the truth, you’ll find it.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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