USDA loans available for rural low-income buyers

USDA Rural Development still has about $2.8 million in Direct Home Loan funding available for rural low-income homebuyers. Those who are interested need to act quickly before the fiscal year ends.

“If you were wondering whether you can afford to buy a home, check with us and see if you qualify, it cannot hurt to check it out,” says Jeff Glass, the Housing Program Director for USDA Rural Development in Nevada.

The Direct 502 Home Loan Program is available in all areas of the state except Carson City and metropolitan Clark and Washoe counties.

Applicants will work with a loan specialist at a regional office who will ask for a completed qualification form. If eligible, applicants will be provided with an eligibility certificate that qualifies them with a set loan amount and interest rate.

The qualification is a two-page form available from the agency’s rural office staff in Elko, Fallon and Las Vegas. In north east Nevada, call Brad Gallimore at 775-748-8468, ext. 104, in central Nevada call Betty Percifield at 775-423-5124, ext. 100, and in southern Nevada call Elias Askins at 702-407-1400, ext. 113.

To qualify, median household income must be below 80 percent for the county where the homebuyer lives. Dependable and steady income from employment, a pension or Social Security is required.

Although USDA does not specifically review applicants’ credit scores, poor credit will affect overall eligibility. Also, USDA will require applicants to take a homeownership education course.

Information about eligibility is available at, or visit


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