Fallon competes at Douglas, Washoe rodeos

Matt Goings and Peyton Feyder (Elko) are partners in team roping in the High School Division.

Matt Goings and Peyton Feyder (Elko) are partners in team roping in the High School Division.

Douglas-Carson Rodeo, April 15-16

At the Douglas-Carson rodeo on Saturday in the Junior High Division, Logan Dixon placed first in the bull riding. In the team roping, Jayden Jensen and Daunte Ceresola (Fernley) got first, Reese Waggoner and Triton Desmond came in second, Ali Norcutt and Kenzie Raper (Douglas-Carson) took third, Tayler Felton and Brock Feyder (Elko) got fourth, and Tylie Norcutt and Kaden Florez (Fernley) finished fifth.

In the barrel racing Tyler Norcutt took second, and Felton placed sixth. In the breakaway roping, Felton won first, Waggoner took second, Ali Norcutt finished third, Jensen came in fourth and Bethie Ikonen garnered eighth. Desmond took third in the boys breakaway, and in the ribbon roping, Felton and Feyder placed first.

In pole bending Jensen captured first, Felton took second, Waggoner came in seventh and Ali Norcutt finished 10th. In the goat tying Ali Norcutt placed third, Ikonen got fourth, Felton took sixth, Macy Henke came in eighth and Waggoner finished 10th.

In the boys goat tying Desmond placed second. In chute dogging, Desmond placed second. In team roping Ali Norcutt and Kenzie Raper took first, Waggoner and Desmond placed second Jensen and Ceresola got third.

On Sunday in bareback steer riding, Desmond placed first, while in the saddle bronc steer riding, Dixon placed first, and Desmond held on for second. In the barrel racing Ikonen placed ninth. Felton got first, and Jensen took third, and in the ribbon roping, Macady and Logan Dixon won first. Felton and Feyder got second in the breakaway. Jensen took first in the polls, while Henke came in third, and Felton got seventh. In the goat tying Ikonen got second, Henke placed tfifth, Ali Norcutt finished sixth.

In the High School Division in steer wrestling, Coy Glover placed second. In the team roping, Matt Goings and Peyton Feyder (Elko) finished fourth, Caleb Hendrix and Garrett Weltzin took sixth and Leighton Beyer and Alyssa Boyd got 10th. In tie down roping Hendrix place first, Jake Cerini got second in Mackay Spyrow took eighth. In the goat tying Beyer finished in ninth.Hendrix took seventh, in boys cutting, and Jessica Gomes got first in the Reined cow horse.

On Sunday Glover placed first in the steer wrestling, Jake Cerini and Taylor Graziano got first in the team roping, Jordan Taylor (Moapa) and Mackay Spyrow took seventh, Grace Felton and Alexus Carter (independent) came in eighth, and Hendrix and Weltzin finished ninth. In the barrels Beyer came in 10th, Spyrow got second in the calf roping, Chloe Lambert placed sixth in the breakaway and Felton got second in the pole bending. In goat tying Beyer captured fifth, Gomes placed 10th in the girls cutting, Hendrix took fifth in the boys cutting,and Gomes finished third in the reined cow horse.

Washoe Rodeo, April 22-23

At the Washoe rodeo on Saturday in Junior High Division, Jayden Jensen placed first in the breakaway, Ali Norcutt took third, Reese Waggoner got fourth and Tayler Felton finished fifth. In the boys breakaway, Triton Desmond got third, Felton and Brock Feyder (Elko), came in second in the ribbon roping, Desmond took second in the chute dogging, and Logan Dixon placed fifth. In the saddle bronc steer riding, Desmond took the win, and Dixon placed first in the bareback steer riding and bull riding.

Waggoner and Desmond rose to first in team roping, and Jensen and Daunte Ceresola (Fernley) finished third. In the pole bending, Felton placed second, and Norcutt got sixth. In the goat tying Bethie Ikonen took first, Macy Henke got fourth, Norcutt came in fifth and Waggoner finished sixth.

On Sunday, Jensen won first in the breakaway, Felton came in seventh and Norcutt ended up ninth. In the boys breakaway, Desmond took third, while in the ribbon roping Jensen and Ceresola took the win, Felton and Feyder got second, and Dixon and Macady Bundy (Alamo) ended up fifth. In the saddle bronc steer riding, bareback steer riding, and bull riding, Dixon took first. In the poles, Henke came in third, while Felton got fourth and Jensen placed fifth. Desmond took second in the goat tying.

In girls goat tying, Norcutt took first, Henke came in third, Felton garnered fourth, Waggoner got eighth and Ikonen finished ninth.

In the High School Division, Chloe Lambert placed second in the breakaway, and Leighton Beyer got 10th. In the team roping Mackay Spyrow and Jordan Taylor (Moapa) took seventh, in the barrel racing Grace Felton placed eighth. In the poles Shelby Mccart came in seventh, Beyer took fifth in goat tying, Caleb Hendrix placed sixth in the boys cutting. In the girls cutting Jessica Gomes took third.

On Sunday, Felton placed second in the breakaway roping, Spyrow took first in the calf roping and Jake Cerini got second. In the team roping Felton and Alexus Carter (Independent) placed fifth, and Spyrow and Taylor finished ninth. In the barrels Felton took seventh and fourth in poles.

Lambert came in second in the goat tying, Ikonen took eighth, and Beyer ended up 10th. Hendrix got third in the boys cutting, and Gomes took eighth in the girls and first in the reined cow horse.


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