Past Pages for Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016

150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Toys, gifts, books etc., for the holidays — As is the custom, Mr. John G. Fox has laid in a general assortment of what may be called seasonable goods. In other words he has just received an annual supply of Toys and Gift Books, suitable for holiday presents. Musical albums, musical dressing cases, photograph albums, toilet cases with music box attached and any quantity of children’s toys, drums, trumpets, rocking-horses, pop guns and gift books ...”

130 Years Ago

Some of the ore: At the Bullion Bank on exhibition is a 10-pound chunk of ore found in the new Con. Virginia strike at $900 a ton. This is the sort of ore that sends the market up ...

110 Years Ago

Mark Twain’s new book barred: “Eve’s Diary” has been tabooed by the library authorities at Worcester, Mass. because a woman attendant and a trustee were shocked by the pictures. The etching depicts Eve in all kinds of summary costumes, fashioned after the styles of her day and climate. Twain says, “I’m not worrying. I’m happy: I hope they can get along as well without the book as I can bear their refusing of it. I shall do nothing about it.”

70 Years Ago

Classified: For sale — Portable chicken house with chickens, also divan and floor lamp. Call 616-W. For rent — Heated sleeping rooms, North Curry.

50 Years Ago

Juvenile accused: A 14-year-old boy allegedly broke into a car, removed some checks and attempted to cash one of them in a local casino. Unfortunately for him, he chose the place where the owner of the car worked. The boy is being held pending investigation of burglary and forgery.

20 Years Ago

Changes at historic 1860 St. Charles Hotel: The St. Charles Hotel retains much of its 19th century flavor. The 24 rooms on the second and third floor are being rented to executives and have been renovated. A new addition is the Hank Monk Room, a 12-by-3 foot niche outfitted for a trip in the way-back machine, but it is not for rent. Gene and Karen Shoaf have a four-year lease with St. Charles owner Bob McFadden.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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