Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016

Suggestions for the Appeal

I have three suggestions for the Nevada Appeal. I believe their implementation would enhance the newspaper.

1. I have no problem with the conservative views expressed by your political columnists, who appear on a regular basis. I do think in this critical election year a pertinent segment of your readers would be open to hearing from individuals who have independent and progressive opinions, as well. Contrasting viewpoints on political issues are worthwhile and educational.

2. I believe it is important for Carson City residents to have a greater awareness of business conducted by the Board of Supervisors. It would be most helpful if the Appeal published a concise weekly recap of the highlights of their meetings, making it easier for residents to be kept informed. 3. Perhaps the Appeal could consider publishing a monthly article featuring a member of our community. My sense is there are many residents in our area who have interesting stories to tell regarding their background, lifestyle or accomplishments. I believe this would be an addition to the paper your readers would enjoy.

Martin J. Fischer

Carson City


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