Carson City clinic manager sentenced for theft



After more than a year of investigation, a Carson City billing manager was sentenced on Tuesday for embezzling money.

Cindy Lou Katzenberger, 58, pleaded guilty to a felony earlier this summer for stealing around $42,000 from Tahoe Fracture Orthopedic Medical Clinic.

According to court documents, Katzenberger worked for the clinic and would steal cash payments clients made while forging the books to cover up the theft.

Listing a bunch of medical and mental issues, attorney Ron Cauley said Katzenberger has no plans to return to the workforce and would be receiving Social Security and disability to cover restitution costs.

The defendant made an emotional plea, stating she’s suicidal and needs therapy was only met with opposition when she tried to defend herself.

“I’m not a bad person, I made a terrible mistake,” she said.

Judge Tod Young interrupted her and referenced her previous theft crimes.

“You didn’t make any mistake, you did this on purpose,” said Young. “Thieves aren’t thieves by mistake.”

Chris Greenman, a representative for the clinic, said that trust was violated and the fact she didn’t confess to what she did, and they had to find out about the embezzlement, made it worse.

The recommended sentence was 60 months in a Nevada prison with a minimum parole eligibility of 24 months.

Her history of theft made Young skeptical to release her to probation, but he decided to suspend the prison sentence and place her on probation not exceeding 60 months.

She was taken into immediate custody and has to spend her first 90 days on probation in the Douglas County Jail.

Restitution amounts will be worked out with parole and probation upon her release.


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