Everything is coming up Rosie

I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Betty, who is kind, intelligent and loving. She lives with her adorable cat, Rosie. Betty, Rosie and I have been friends for many years. Rosie with her sweet meow, soft fur and cute face is a rescuer cat who rescued Betty. She is a spoiler kitty because she showers you with affection.

Betty lives at The Homestead. It is home for her and Rosie, who spend their days together. It’s always nice to visit them because I’m greeted with a hug, kiss and meow. Rosie has a box of stuffed mice that she delights in throwing around the room. I like to tempt her with the mouse on a string. She knows it’s a game, but she entertains me anyway.

On a recent visit I noticed there were other animals living with the residents. It was pleasant to hear a bird chirping as I walked to Betty’s room. I decided to ask Louise, the community outreach director, what the policy on pets was.

Louise was gracious as she explained the many benefits that pets provide the residents. To begin with, pets increase mental wellness and promote self-esteem. It gives people a chance to give back by caring for another being. Therapy dogs are brought in for residents who enjoy having time with animals.

The Homestead welcomes residents’ pets, but they must be able to take care of them on their own or have someone who will. Little dogs, cats, birds and small pets are welcomed. The pet must be well behaved and friendly.

I can tell you that a visit with Rosie and Betty always makes my day a lot brighter, and I know why Betty named her cat Rosie: playing with her makes everything rosier. Hugs and kisses to Rosie and Betty, and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Do you ever forget your grocery list? I’m a chronic list maker and list forgetter. That said, I remembered what I had forgot to get at the store after I got home. I headed back to the store because I needed a bottle of wine for spaghetti, a loaf of bread and cat food. I ran into the store and picked up the items.

I put everything on the conveyer belt and watched as they moved forward. The person behind me looked at the items, pointed to the cat food and said, “Is that any good?”

I thought about this question and looked over my items. Now at this point I thought, “Who would ask that question?” I’ve never tasted Sheba pâté, but without missing a beat I replied, “Why yes, it’s delicious on sliced bread with a glass of red wine.”

That was the end of that conversation; he turned the other way and ignored me. I tried to catch his eye to say, “I was just kidding around.” No luck — no contact. Whoever you are, I was only joking because it just seemed like a perfect joke. How would I know if the cat food is good? To my friends, the salmon pâté was the real thing.

Thank you to everyone who purchased garage sale items. You are the reason why CAPS is “in business” and many pets are alive. CAPS is a no-kill shelter, and we depend on you to keep us going.

Thanks also to those who walked your dog at Liberty Park.

As final notes to this week’s article, CAPS will be at Walmart on Oct.10, featuring “The Return of Ki.” He’s back and looking for his fans. Ki loves his job and looks forward to seeing you. (Of course he loves the chicken nuggets he gets too.) Don’t miss “The Return of Ki” and be sure to pucker up.

On Oct. 25 CAPS will present a Murder Mystery Dinner. Last year it was a smashing success, so mark your calendar. More details will be given when they’re available. Be sure to check this column, our website (www.capsnv.org) and our Facebook page (Churchill Animal Protection Society).

Do you have questions, comments or a great story? Please contact me at jkwmil@outlook.com.

This week’s article was contributed by Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer.


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