Letters to the editor for Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

Macquarie does take action

In response to Richard Doke’s letter critiquing Anne Macquarie’s column on climate change, they are probably more in agreement than he realizes.

She would agree that the Democrats have not done nearly enough about climate change, but at least they (unlike Republicans) are in agreement with scientists, insurance companies, Catholic bishops, local politicians, and others in finding the evidence compelling that climate change is real and is significantly pushed by humans.

Anne would agree that individual efforts are not enough. That’s one reason she does take action, not just write, as Mr. Doke suggests. She co-founded Muscle Powered to advocate for safe, bikeable and walkable streets, an excellent example of “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

And, in addition to keeping her thermostat low, it’s a rare event to see Anne in a car in Carson City — she is almost on her feet or her bike if she’s going somewhere.

Lastly, even though we know the earth has gone through previous climate changes, knowing that we ourselves are driving it towards a tipping point that is leading to enormous suffering, doesn’t it make sense to try to stop our part in adding to the suffering?

Look for a big rally in New York City on Sept. 21 about climate change. A train carrying activists from the west coast is passing through Reno on Monday, Sept. 15 where they will be welcomed by anyone who wants to get and give support for keeping the pressure on for more action.

Kathy Schwerin

Carson City


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