Redneck Shindig set for Sept. 27

The Redneck Shinidig is Sept. 27 with the Redneck Car Show. Categories are Tricked up, Muddiest, Rustiest, Most colorful, Most primered, Rednecked, Frankensteined, Street car, Service truck, Redneck pin striping, Bike, Tallest, Biggest Tires, Other.

The cost is $20 per vehicle ($10 per bike); multiple categories are OK. The Cancer Warriors are adding another event to the Redneck Shindig this year, a catapult contest. We will supply small watermelons for the contest. You design and build a catapult, bring it to the Shindig, and compete against others to see whose design launches the watermelons the farthest. Five dollars per catapult; the prize is 50 percent of the pot. So get together with your friends, build a catapult, and come have fun flying watermelons.

A Redneck Creations Contest is being added Bring down any unusual creations that you have come up with to display and participate. We are asking for any donation to enter the contest.

For information, call 775-629-2629 or


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