Projects needed to honor, celebrate Nevada’s birthday

Old photographs of county events, such as the earthquakes in 1954, could be entered into a time capsule or submitted as part of a Then and Now presentation.

Old photographs of county events, such as the earthquakes in 1954, could be entered into a time capsule or submitted as part of a Then and Now presentation.

The Mayor’s NV Commission, along with the Churchill County Museum Association, will honor Nevada’s sesquicentennial by asking the community to participate in its next project, the placing of a time capsule.

Another project underway is a Then and Now exhibit, which will be presented by the Fallon Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor’s NV 150 Commission.

According to Bob Getto, president of the CCMA, the time capsule will be place within a permanent outdoor display at the southeast corner of the Churchill County Museum. The ceremony will occur on Oct. 31, the official date of Nevada’s birthday.

“You are invited to participate in this community event by donating a item to be placed within the time capsule that you feel best represents the city of Fallon, Churchill County or Nevada such as a letter, a document, a photo, a sound recording, a video, a small book, or any other item that would not exceed a measurement of 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches,” Getto said. “Because the Association is seeking items from Churchill County governments, Naval Air Station Fallon, Churchill County schools, local service organizations and local citizens, an abundance of unique and meaningful artifacts is expected to be received. All items received will be on public display at the Museum, for the entire month of October for all to view and enjoy.”

Getto said the CCMA requests contributions to be submitted to the museum no later than Sept. 15. According to Getto, the capsule’s capacity is 5-cubic feet, and because of that, a selection committee will evaluate the items that have been submitted for inclusion into the capsule.

“The remainder of the items will be proudly incorporated into a permanent collection within the museum facility for the enjoyment of all, for decades to come,” he added.

For questions, call the director of the Churchill County Museum, Donna Cossette, at 775-423-3677, or Getto at 775-745-0864.

According to Frank Woodliff III, a member of the mayor’s commission, the objectives are to get the Churchill County community involved in thinking about how life has changed during the last 150 years and provide an educational tool for both the young and old. The The Then and Now exhibit will be conducted much like a county fair with awards for age groups and special achievements and is open to all Churchill County residents.

He said participation by all local schools is encouraged and can be accomplished on a class basis or on a student-by-student basis. In today’s fast paced world, Woodliff said it is easy to forget how our ancestors lived and how our lives have changed. Understanding how things have changed in the last 150 years provides knowledge, incentive and excitement for what may be ahead.

The following information is a guideline from Woodliff for those interested in participating.


The exhibits can emphasize one of three categories. These categories are as follows: technology, culture, everyday Life.

Technology would encompass such things as comparing the telegraph with cell phones, Pony Express with UPS, and writing a letter with pen and ink with using today’s computer. Culture would compare the changes in things like dress, music and entertainment. Everyday Life would look at the changes in things like family activities, work habits, and time spent in school. In a lot of cases there might be an overlap in categories, but the participant can choose which of the three categories they want to be judged on.


Any media can be used to describe and illustrate the contents of the exhibit. Typical types of media would be photographs, drawings, actual artifacts, pieces of equipment (including farm), newspaper clippings and illustration boards. On all exhibits there will be a simple written description of the exhibit explaining the history, use of the artifacts, and the “Then” and “Now” aspects of the exhibit’s content.

Age groups

The entries will be judged in the following age groups:

Under 11 years of age or up to the 5th grade.

12 to 14 years of age or 6th-8th grade.

15 to 18 years of age or 9th-12th grade.

19 years and older


There will be customized ribbons for first, second, and third place for each age group. In addition there will be special ribbons for grand prize winner, best depiction of the Then and Now theme, and most creative use of materials. The following cash prizes will also accompany the ribbons: Grand prize, $500; first, $150; second, $75; third, $50; and special ribbons, $100.

Total prize money is $1,800 for the Then and Now exhibit. Judging will be done by a volunteer group of five people using a point system and blind format (exhibits will be judged prior to placing the name of the entrant on the exhibit)

Judging criteria

Each entry will be judged on the following judging criteria with a maximum of 100 points available per entry from each judge.

Location of exhibit

The entries will be exhibited at the Churchill County Museum in the exhibit room. The entries will be on display for a minimum of four weeks to allow the community to enjoy and learn from the information provided in the Then and Now exhibit.

Entry form

Each entrant must fill out and submit the Then and Now Entry Form to the Fallon Chamber of Commerce located at 85 N. Taylor St. The entry forms will be used to determine space needs for the exhibit and have contact information for organizing the exhibit. Entry forms will be available at the following locations: Fallon Chamber of Commerce, Jeff’s Digitex Printing, and Churchill County Museum.

Time frame

Important dates for the Then and Now exhibit:

Entry Forms are to be submitted by 5 p.m. on Oct. 1.

Entries shall be delivered to and set up in the Churchill County Museum from Oct. 21-24.

Entries will be judged from Oct. 28-30.

Then and Now Exhibit will be open to the public at 4 p.m. on Oct. 31 with the presentation of awards at 6 p.m. on Oct. 31.

All entries shall be removed by the entrants from Dec. 2-5.

End product

In addition to the teaching, research, and viewing enjoyment associated with the actual showing of the exhibit, photographs of every entry will be taken and with the help of volunteers a power point presentation will be created. This power point presentation will be placed on a CD so that it may be shown in schools, presented to historical organizations or enjoyed by any interested party.


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