Finally, the game is here so the hype can stop

It’s been an interesting week reading all the Super Bowl hype.

I’ve covered four Super Bowls (Steelers-Rams, Raiders-Eagles, 49ers-Dolphins and 49ers-Broncos), and I don’t miss the week leading up to the Super Bowl. It’s non-stop hectic, but the good thing is that the access to players and coaches is in the morning, leaving the evenings to take in the local watering holes.

Richard Sherman is trying his best to be politically correct this week. Not once has he belittled Peyton Manning even though he’s had three opportunities to do it since arriving in New York. Sherman is no fool. You don’t rip a class act like Payton Manning … ever.

I’m anxiously waiting until the game ends to see if Sherman pops off should Seattle win, or if he gives Peyton the “choke gesture” as he leaves the field. I know you’re a competitor Richard, but try to be a class act for once in your life.

It’s nice to see former Nevada stars Virgil Green and Brandon Marshall help the Broncos have some success this year. Both play on special teams and Green has caught a few balls from Manning this year from the tight end position.

Who do I like? I’m hoping Denver rips into the Seahawks. Manning has had too great of a career to only have won just one Super Bowl, and I’d love to see him get a couple of more opportunities before he calls it quits.

And, on the off chance that Denver should lose, I hope people won’t think less of Manning; think that his legacy is tarnished. I certainly would rank him in the top five quarterbacks in the modern era even if he never wins another Super Bowl. The Super Bowl shouldn’t be what great quarterbacks are measured by. It takes a lot of wins in a given season just to get to the Super Bowl. A quarterback can only do so much.

Final: Denver 24, Seattle 20.


One thing I’ve often wondered is why bowling is not an NIAA sport in the north but is in the south.

The great thing about bowling is that it’s indoors and could be held in the fall, winter or spring.

Carson, as has been chronicled in recent years, has had a dominant program. The Senators are off to a 4-0 start this season, winning their last match 42-3.

I’d love to see what Carson could do against the best in Las Vegas. Sounds like a good field trip to me.

Donnie Nelson, assistant director at the NIAA, said that bowling is offered at the state championship level, so the northern schools could compete. No local schools or school districts are stepping up to add the sport to its roster.

I implore Washoe County and the other school districts to step up and add the sport. It’s not like there aren’t enough bowling alleys around to practice at, and very few alleys are full right after school when teams could schedule practices for 90 minutes.

While I’m on my rant, I’d love to see the local schools consider lacrosse, field hockey and boys volleyball.


Apologies to Carson’s Allison Kibbe for omitting her name on a list of local players who helped the Silver State Black 16s to a win in a recent national qualifier in Wednesday’s Nevada Appeal.


We started the alumni notebook this past fall, and if you have an athlete playing JC or four-year ball this spring, please contact me at so I can start compiling a list. I will start the spring alumni notebook in the middle of February.


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