Public Works praised for flood response

Flash floods some three weeks apart in Carson City still require cleanup work, according to Public Works Director Darren Schulz, whose department won praise Thursday for flood response.

Schulz told the Board of Supervisors in a short report the floods in less than a month registered between the 100-year and 200-year flood stage categories. He said 60 or 65 percent of the cleanup is done on the flood that struck Sunday, July 20, but roads in the south side area affected were all open and passable. The Monday, Aug. 11, flood to the east still requires much work, though roads there also are passable.

“We are under way cleaning up out there,” Schulz said, speaking of the Aug. 11 aftermath and adding both places hit may require six- to eight-weeks more of work by Public Works employees.

“Politics aside, this is some type of climate change” phenomenon, according to Schulz, who noted the community hasn’t previously seen two storm-induced inundations back-to-back in such a short time frame.

The brief report came at the end of the board’s regular meeting and after Lori Bagwell, a local business owner and chairperson of the city’s Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee, used opening public comment time to ask if there would be a report. A full report is planned later, but a short one came at the end of Thursday’s session.

Supervisors and one person from the public lauded Schulz and his department for yeoman’s work during and after the storms. Supervisors said many constituents had told them of the great response by city government.

“I’m very, very appreciative,” said Bonnie Vivant, who appeared next at the podium. She lives on Carson River Road near Prison Hill and said her property was buried a while in mud. She voiced hope a culvert there can be cleared soon in case another intense gully washer hits. “We’re still digging out.”


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