Schools off to a smooth start

Rachelle Gomes takes a photo of her son, Ryan, on Monday, the first day of schoo,l at the Northside Early Learnign Center.

Rachelle Gomes takes a photo of her son, Ryan, on Monday, the first day of schoo,l at the Northside Early Learnign Center.

School is officially in session, three days to be exact, and so far things seem to be going well from what district employees have been saying.

Superintendent Dr. Sandra Sheldon said things couldn’t have gone smoother Monday.

“Things went great,” Sheldon said. “The buses picked up students as planned and when they dropped them off at school the teachers were there waiting to greet them. It went seamlessly.”

Churchill County School District has 3,383 students enrolled for the current school year.

Sheldon said she visited the schools Monday to greet and observe how the principals, teachers and students were doing.

“The principals and teachers were ready for the students,” Sheldon said. “I know the teachers at E. C. Best Elementary and Northside Early Learning Center were on a time crunch with getting their rooms ready since the school was under construction over the summer, but they came through and did a great job having them finished in time.”

NELC recently received more than $200,000 from the “state” to fund 10 full-day kindergarten classes.

“These full day classes are a great opportunity for parents and children who need that option,” Sheldon said. “There are two half day classes available if parents would like their children enrolled in that. These classes do not require tuition because of the funding we received for them, so it really is a great opportunity.”

Sheldon said when she visited the schools, the students seemed to be positive and happy about being back.

“I think that’s a good indication we’ll have a great school year,” Sheldon said.

Churchill County High School Principal Kevin Lords said the first day of school went great.

“Everything went really well,” Lords said. “The teachers and I had a great deal of planning and scheduling we had to do in order to be ready for the students,” Lords said. “The first day of school is really just an introduction day. We make sure the students know where they’re suppose to go, what they’re required to have and just really get them adjusted to everything.”

Lords said many students were happy to see their friends. He said teachers and students seemed positive and happy.

“I believe it’ll be a great school year. We have great staff members and students at the high school,” Lords said.

Aimee Bell, NELC kindergarten teacher, said she is excited for the school year.

“I love teaching kindergarten and I know we’ll have a good year,” Bell said. “Kindergarten is such an important time in a child’s life. That’s the time when they are easily influenced and when it’s your chance to make a positive impression in their lives. This is the year we use to get them started on the right path.”

Parent Julie Guerrero said she’s excited about her daughter, Rylie, starting kindergarten, but it’s also a hard time.

“I’m very excited about this moment in her life, but I know it now means her school years will go by quickly,” Guerrero said. “She’s in kindergarten now, but next thing you know she’ll be in high school.”


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