Calif. man gets prison for stabbing

An 18-year-old California man was sentenced to prison Tuesday in District Court after a stabbing incident.

Edwin Espinoza appeared stunned at the two- to eight-year sentence handed down by Judge Tom Stockards. After the sentence was read, Espinoza asked, “I don’t get my chance?”

Prior to the sentence, Espinoza and his attorney, Paul Drakulich, told the court how Espinoza has gathered together his life, attends church and found a job to support his infant child.

“I go to church, have a job and I’m doing good,” Espinoza said.

He pleaded guilty to one count of assault with a deadly weapon after stabbing Andres Galero at least twice after a dispute on Oct. 6. Espinoza’s sister, Nancy, who at the time was dating Galero, was also cut when she attempted to take away the knife from Espinoza.

Drakulich said his client went to the residence because Espinoza thought he was protecting his sister.

Churchill County Chief Deputy District Attorney Lane Mills, though, argued for a prison sentence, describing a vicious attack. In addition, Mills said Espinoza has a lengthy juvenile record, but noted this was his first arrest as an adult.

Drakulich countered the juvenile record and said those incidents were a result from tagging.

Galero, meanwhile, was treated for wounds on his arms and upper torso, according to the police report. The report said Espinoza punched Galero, the two wrestled to the ground where Galero was stabbed.

Espinoza fled from the home and was contacted by Churchill County Sheriff’s Deputies some time later. He initially lied to authorities about his name before he was arrested.

In other court news —

A bench warrant was issued Tuesday in District Court for Sabrina Ann Taylor, who failed to appear for her hearing.

She is charged with one count of principal to commit grand larceny, $650-$3,500. According to Court Services Director Brenda Ingram, Taylor missed the past four random drug tests and has not returned numerous calls.

In addition, Taylor also missed an interview with the Department of Parole and Probation.


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