Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 18

Those who cut programs don’t suffer consequences

Isn’t it interesting that the very people wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, and with the power to do so, including the President, boast an economic status that precludes their need for ever having to rely on these benefits?

John O’Neill


Parking on Carson Street would benefit businesses

I have been a business owner in Downtown Carson City for more than 12 years. I have spent more than $200,000 of my own money to rehab and improve my leased building that was built in about 1870. I have spent more than a half a million dollars to stock my business with what I believe are quality antiques.

Our business is the largest and possibly best antique shop in Nevada. I have never asked for or received any city, state or federal funds in compensation for my investment. Downtown Carson City has some fine restaurants and venues including the Railroad Museum, the Nevada State Museum, the State Capitol Building and many diverse shops. I have attended dozens of city-sponsored planning meetings over the years, all of which have stated that on-street parking would help our downtown businesses by slightly slowing down our traffic and making the downtown more tourist and shopper friendly.

I agree with 15 years of studies that point towards allowing on-street parking on Carson Street in the downtown area of town. I suggest that traffic may be slowed a small amount but that taxable revenue will be generated by increased merchant sales. Those sales taxes will help the city pay for other vital services.

I strongly support removing the unsightly metal fences in downtown and allowing parking in downtown Carson City on Carson Street.

Michael Robbins

Owner of Hanifin’s Antiques


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