Women set to plead in stolen property case

Two women accused of receiving stolen property after vehicle burglaries in the Gardnerville Ranchos are set to enter pleas June 14 in District Court.

Michelle Howard, 21, and Lea Jaramillo, 20, waived their preliminary hearings Wednesday in East Fork Justice Court.

Howard has been on house arrest and Jaramillo was released from custody Wednesday.

Jaramillo had been in jail since the pair's arrest on May 10, saying she had enough money to hire her own lawyer, but insisting on representing herself.

She claimed to have $5,000 but she was saving the money for college.

Following a 20-minute interrogation Wednesday by East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl, Jaramillo admitted she was lying about her financial status. She said she had about $100 cash to her name.

"I thought it was better to lie in court to say I was doing something and not just sitting around doing nothing," she said.

EnEarl appointed Derrick Lopez to represent Jaramillo and she was granted release on her own recognizance within hours.

He ordered Jaramillo, who is pregnant, not to have alcohol or controlled substances and not to break any laws.

"You have made what certainly can be construed as some horrendous and stupid decisions in the last two or three weeks," EnEarl said. "You don't have any business drinking or having any controlled substances carrying that baby. If you do, they will put you in handcuffs and bring you back to jail. Don't do anything to mess this up."

Howard was released May 19 with an ankle monitor and under the supervision of the Department of Alternative Sentencing. Howard is represented by attorney Tod Young.

EnEarl granted Howard's request to remove the ankle monitor Wednesday because of the expense. She is living with her parents.

"You've got an opportunity to get this resolved in a very benevolent way on your behalf," EnEarl said. "For you to abscond or violate the law, you'd have to be a complete idiot."

Howard and Jaramillo were charged with felony possession of stolen property after they were arrested in a car at Howard's home loaded with the property reported missing following a series of vehicle burglaries in the Gardnerville Ranchos the weekend of May 8-9.

Recovered items included hundreds of compact disks, backpacks, and a camera.

Officers also found a stolen wallet that included Nevada and California identification cards, Social Security cards and credit cards.

Sheriff's Investigator James Booth said the recovered goods included several electronic items believed stolen in the burglaries.

Residents are asked to call Booth at 782-6299 to identify any missing property.


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