A bunny, a moth and a frog

The Velveteen Rabbit has been visiting our yard the past couple of weeks. It is a beautiful gray Rex bunny with velvet like fur. I'll call her a she because she is so pretty, although it could be a boy.

She roams around the lawn nibbling on the grass. Her favorite seems to be the apples that have fallen from the trees prematurely in the big winds we have had recently. If I walk out the door too quickly she scurries off under the fence to the neighbor's yard. My daughter Jenee however can get fairly close to her. Jenee was able to take a few dozen pictures of this gorgeous rabbit last Thursday night. Perhaps she is a neighbor's pet that got loose. If you are missing one, give me a call and maybe you can come and catch her.

The moth

Saturday night I thought it might be fun for Jenee and I to sneak out to the playhouse at bedtime and have a slumber party before school starts next week. So when it got dark and the dogs were put to bed, we slowly walked out with our sleeping bags, pillows and flashlight. It was really fun and we were sleeping well until I heard this burr burr sound. I sat up with my flashlight on, looking around the ceiling and walls. I couldn't see anything that may be moving so I laid back down.

A little while later there it was again, burr, burr. This time I stood up and inspected the walls and ceiling more closely. It shouldn't be a mouse for there is no food out here. It shouldn't be a squirrel as the walls are all caulked well and the windows and doors are sealed. So I laid back down.

A little while later I heard it again, burr, burr. I couldn't sleep at this point. Jenee was snoring in the corner; I guess it didn't bother her. I woke her up and we went back inside to our cozy home to try and sleep.

Sunday morning when it was light outside, I went back out to the playhouse with my flashlight feeling like a CSI and finally found the very large moth that had disturbed my sleep. I got it with the flyswatter!

The frog

I was watering my pots of flowers in the front yard and must have overfilled the one pot because all of a sudden this little frog's face popped up and looked right at me and let out a huge rib-bet. I almost fell over. Who knew such a little animal could let out such a huge croak? Not me.

Thank you, Linda Hiller for all the information about our attack bird, although we never positively identified it. I enjoyed talking with you about birds. Linda is the lady to call if you have any birding questions.

Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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