Preliminary investigation released in airplane crash

Aviation crash investigators are still seeking the cause of a fatal airplane crash near the Alpine County Airport.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board preliminary investigation, airplane owner Raymond Wieveg, 53, of Carson City, took off from Minden-Tahoe Airport at 11 a.m. on Oct. 16.

Wieveg was taking a business flight from Minden to Camarillo, Calif. He did not file a flight plan.

According to a witness at the airport, everything seemed normal when the plan taxied and took off.

Wieveg was in contact with Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center, and was at 14,500 feet when he reported engine problems. The controller gave him directions to Alpine Airport near Markleeville.

Another witness on his way to work east on Diamond Valley Road saw Wieveg's Piper PA-28R flying low and then disappear behind a low hill. As the witness passed the hill where he last saw the airplane, he spotted something white about 100 yards from the road. When the witness investigated, he found the aircraft on its top.

The aircraft hit a tree while coming in, but investigators found no obvious reason for the engine to quit. The engine has been sent to the factory for a detailed examination.


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