The R-C Morning Report

It was a rather quiet start to the week with one big exception Monday.

That is, of course, Lt. Gov. and former Douglas County planning commissioner Brian Krolicki's announcement that he is facing indictment for how he handled a multibillion dollar college savings program while he was serving as state treasurer.

Krolicki said that he has been the target of a prolonged "witch hunt", which culminated with his being informed that the Clark County grand jury would be asked to indict.

The story is viewable on this Web site, and we will keep on eye on it as it develops, but in things like this it generally takes a while before any resolution is found.

If indeed a grand jury report is forthcoming (and even that doesn't appear to be set in stone just yet), we won't hear much about it until it reaches the judge's bench.

So what we have now is probably all we're going to have for a while. Something to keep in mind at least.

The forecast says there is a 17 percent chance of rain today. That'll increase to around 50 percent on Wednesday and drop back down for a bit on Thursday. That won't last as the chances go back up into the 30s for Wednesday night.

It'll remain cool all week, so what precipitation we do get will likely turn into some icy conditions after day. Just be careful out there as you head your seperate ways for Thanksgiving, that's all I'm saying.


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