Letters to the Editor, Nov. 26

Thanks for

the support


Dear friends at St. Gall, we would like to offer a special thank-you to Linda Still, R.N., with VistaCare Hospice, Father Paul McCollum, Father John Corona and Father Jose Sobarzo, and all of the members of St. Gall Catholic Church and our friends who visited Jerry Parkos and showered so many prayers and so much love on him.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who brought us meals and kept us company during Jerry's illness and subsequent passing.

You'll never know how much it meant to Jerry to know so many people cared for him.

Please keep us in your prayers as we will remember you.

The Gerald Parkos family


Roundup support much appreciated


The Sustainable Living and Renewable Energy Roundup annual event in September at Lampe Park turned out great " even the weather cooperated " and we would like to thank everyone involved in making it happen. To our sponsors " WalMart, Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group, Thunderbird Ranch, YB Messy, Sierra Creek Graphics, McClain Mobile Music, Energy Masters, and Independent Power Corp. " we couldn't have done it without your support. Thanks also to the parks department, who were a joy to work with, the tireless volunteers, speakers, exhibitors, bands, food vendors, and fair-goers who all made it what it was " a fun and educational community event for everyone.

Congratulations to Carol Hummel who won the drawing for the home energy audit, donated and performed by Mary Winston of Energy Masters. (And thanks for letting me tag along to watch and for feeding us lunch too!)

Next year's event will be Sept. 12, 2009, at Lampe Park. A discount will be offered to exhibitors who sign up by Jan. 31. Details will be up on the Web site (www.cvsustainables.org) in a few weeks. Also keep an eye out for a series of community forums we'll be hosting in February, April, and June. In the meantime, make this year's New Year's resolution be to conserve energy, buy local, and start a vegetable garden.

Vicki Bates

Secretary of SLRE Roundup

Pops wouldn't pop without help


We want to extend a huge thank-you to Martha Williams of Antiques Plus in Genoa for her recent donation from the Peddlers Fair"to Carson Valley Pops Orchestra.

Also, we thank Phil Stoll of The White House and her husband, Dr. Timothy Stoll, as well. These donations help the Carson Valley Pops Orchestra to continue providing free concerts to our community.

Tamara Nagley

Corresponding Secretary

Carson Valley Pops Orchestra

Toy run

rides again


The 2008 - 23rd Carson City Toy Run was again a huge success. Even the cooler weather didn't deter the riders. A big thank-you to Don Cassinelli and his son for coordinating the event. A special thank-you to all the members of the Northern Nevada Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, their associates and the Independents from Nevada and California who gave such wonderful gifts for Christmas to children in the Carson City area.

Also, heartfelt thanks to Santa Claus and the Carson City Fire Department for racing Santa to our wonderful event. Thank you to the Carson City Sheriff's Office and the Nevada Highway Patrol for the escort and traffic control.

Our major sponsor this year was the Washoe Tribe, thanks to Tribal Chairman Waldo Walker. Thank you so much for your awesome donation for the food. Two other sponsors we need to thank are Purple Wave Auctions and Tom Springmeyer for their donations of toys and decorations.

And last, but not least, The Toy Crew who helps set-up the gym, cook the dinner, clean up and whatever else we ask them to do! Thank you and blessings to Michelle and Danny Dufrisne, April Hyatt, Krista Hyatt, Debbie, James, and Delphine Painter, John Buckley, Robert Alvarado, Arline Wells, Jason and Jasmine Reynolds and Uncle Darrell. We love you all.

Rose Painter

Toy Crew/Cook

Following the money


Something I have never heard explained. About $40 billion is going to AIG to pay off insurance obligations to foreigners for losses of American mortgages.

OK, if these investors are made whole again why do the homeowners, who made the mortgages, still have to pay them off? If the investors havn't lost anything, having been paid back with U.S. government money (through AIG), then where is the problem?

Why are banks foreclosing on homeowners, if the banks don't own the mortgages. If banks just do the bookkeeping and have passed on the mortgages to investors, who owned these mortgages, then why are the banks losing out on anything?

I can see how they can gain if they auction off the house and keep whatever they get from the sale. If they don't hold the mortgage what gives them the right to keep the proceeds. Is this a case of the mortgage holder getting fully paid off, from AIG, and the homeowner still owing the full price of the original mortgage? I wish someone could explain this whole financial arrangement.

DJ Williams


Thanks for hosting seminar


A huge thank-you to Sharkey's manager and controller Ron Terrell, who graciously hosted a methamphetamine prevention through education seminar presented by the Partnership of Community Resources to local casino and business employees.

Mr. Terrell not only hosted the event but also went to great lengths to encourage attendance. An additional thank-you to Sheriff Ron Pierini who tirelessly supports prevention efforts throughout the community and who spear-headed this event.

Awareness and education are needed by the entire community in order to prevent and combat all substance abuse.

While Carson Valley is a wonderful place to live, we must recognize the problems we have and work to solve them so that we retain/obtain the standard of living for which we are noted. The ripple affect of substance abuse touches us all. Mr. Terrell and Sheriff Pierini are doing their part.

Teri Clark


Community Substance Abuse Coordinator

Partnership of Community Resources


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