Bently Biofuels has new recycling bin

Douglas Disposal Inc. has donated a recycling bin to Bently Biofuels, located at 1350 Buckeye Road.

It is open to anyone in the community wishing to recycle glass, aluminum, tin or plastic.

"Since our whole business model is built on recycling waste materials (in our case cooking oil into fuel), we thought having the bin on site to encourage the community to divert recyclable resources from our landfills would fit nicely with the message we want to get out," said Biofuels General Manager Carlo Luri.

Bently Biofuels, Nevada's first full-scale alternative fuel station, opened in September, offering ethanol blends and Bently's homegrown biodiesel, made from used restaurant grease. The convenience store offers a variety of made-in-Nevada products.

For more information, call 783-8039.


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