Fish Springs produces success stories


Our congratulations to Justin Hammerlun who, after 13 years in the Navy, is now an E-7 chief petty officer. Recently his father, Gene Hammerlun, had the honor of attending the pinning ceremony at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, Calif.

Chief Hammerlun is currently stationed at Lemoore Naval Air Station and will be deploying to the Persian Gulf on the John C. Stennis nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Justin joined the Navy right out of Douglas High School and went to boot camp in Chicago. Over the years he's had excellent training and experience with different types of aircraft, including helicopters, and now he is with F-18 Super Hornets.

I remember Justin as a cute little boy at Gardnerville Elementary School. He grew up fast in Fish Springs and look at him now. He can do a whole lot of things, just like his dad. Things like welding, driving a tractor, backhoe work, riding a mule, and what about F-18 Super Hornets?

Every year his squadron goes to Fallon to practice their bombing range. Chief Hammerlun's job now is flight deck coordinator and his air wing was graded the highest in the test. That's excellent! He also has some collateral duty such as counseling some sailors with drug testing and as a financial advisor.

We are all very proud of you Justin. Take good care of yourself.


David Lammay 

Another young man who grew up just around the corner from Justin in Fish Springs is David Lammay. Like Justin Hammerlun, David has a very interesting and successful career. He is the vice president of Commercial Bank at the Bank of Hawaii. Pretty neat, huh? He lives in Kailua and works in Oahu.

David sent his parents, the Rev. Richard Lammay and Suzanne Lammay, tickets to fly to Hawaii and spend a couple weeks with him. They couldn't say no. Rich and his wife Sue plan to go hiking around the island of Maui and swimming in the beautiful ocean " like tourists do. Isn't it great to have such wonderful kids? And congratulations to their wonderful parents.


Unique wedding 

Last Saturday, my friend and my physical therapist, Barbara Gould, married William "Kim" Graham. The music was playing "A Bicycle Built for Two" when suddenly Barbara and Kim came pedaling quickly down the aisle on a bicycle built for two. It was hilarious!

A little later during the ceremony, the beautiful bride Barbara and her "almost husband" Kim could not get the special wedding candle lit. Things got a little easier when they were pronounced "husband and wife."

There was a wonderful dinner and celebration after the ceremony while the Kirkwood Band played away. We wish Barbara and Kim every happiness and that their life's forever beautiful.

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