Letters to the Editor Nov. 21


As president of the South Tahoe Transit Authority board of directors, I would like to bring some important information to the attention of BlueGO's loyal riders. Beginning Sunday you will notice some exciting improvements to BlueGO services.

The ski shuttles to Heavenly Mountain Resort are still free and frequent. The BlueGO casino shuttle has been combined with a new dedicated Highway 50 bus route serving gaming properties, transit centers, shopping areas and neighborhoods alike. There is expanded service to Meyers, Carson City, Lake Tahoe Community College and neighborhoods. BlueGO on-call demand services now run 24 hours.

Routes have been restructured and service expanded to better serve you. Additionally, fares have been adjusted to help capture increased operating costs.

To help the riding public adjust to these changes, all rides on BlueGO's fixed services will be free from Nov. 23 to Nov. 30. Also during this week, any rider who places nonperishable food items in collection boxes aboard BlueGO buses will receive a free day pass valid until next summer. The food items will be distributed to area charities for the holiday season.

While adjusting to the changes will take time, we are excited about these improvements, and the future of BlueGO and Lake Tahoe. For details, go to www.bluego.org on the Web or call (530) 541-7149.

Nancy McDermid


South Tahoe Area Transit Authority

Board of Directors


I personally wanted to congratulate Tim Rudnick and all his Tiger teammates on a great season. I wished I was able to see them play more. Unfortunately, I was only able to see the first game. I can assure you that you have a very talented team. I wish ya'll the best and Tim, I believe you will go far with your talent and vision.

Good luck and may God bless.

Tim Roberts

Collinsville, Texas

Douglas High Class of 1975


Thank you for your support and your trust in re-electing me to the school board. I am very grateful that you saw through the campaign rhetoric of me not being available to our community. My email is f4trigg@aol.com and my phone is (775) 338-1561. I look forward to hearing from anyone and have always valued your input. One trustee does not govern the board, the board governs as a whole, seven trustees. I will continue to be honest and open with you and when you have questions please contact me directly.

Having just returned from the Nevada Association of School Boards conference this weekend in Reno I was reminded again that we have major hurdles in front of us. That being said, your Douglas County School Board has remained focused on the issue of student achievement. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we will need to work collaboratively with parents, administrators, community leaders, volunteers etc.

I would also like to add my sincere thanks for the community sending a message to our students that they count. Passing the continuation bond says so much about our wonderful community, education counts.

Hoping to see many of you at future board meetings and please remember that as public servants we want to hear from you, we want to know what is important to you and we welcome the opportunity to share our goals for every child. Every child can learn and every child deserves the best education Douglas County can provide whether in good fiscal times or poor fiscal times. It is our job to make sure this happens.

Cindy Trigg

Zephyr Cove


America has made history. Congratulations to all my liberal friends. After our grandfathers, fathers and many of us fought against socialism for the past 70 years, our country has succumbed and elected a Marxist. As a loyal and patriotic American, I will support our new president.

To that end, I will immediately create a new grass roots organization called "Seniors to Confiscate and Redistribute Everybody's Wealth United." The primary thrust of the organization will be to make everything fair and to spread the wealth around.

Therefore, in the near future, representatives will show up at the doors of all registered Democrats, since they seem to be most in favor of this plan, to collect their money. We will then canvas Washoe and Clark counties and redistribute the monies to all of those that sit around all day and do nothing.

Bob Honer



The Democrats sure have great intestinal fortitude.

They spent untold time and energy blaming and bashing Bush and the Republicans for everything they could think of from global warming to the mortgage fiasco. Clinton forced the sub-prime mortgages on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and then Peolosi and Obama rejected the 2006 Republican pleas for regulation revisions.

Now, the Democrats want the Republicans to get behind and support the most inexperienced and socialistic president in the history of this country?

Fat chance.

Stuart Posselt



My faith in Nevadans was seriously punctured on Nov. 4. I foolishly believed that we abhorred big government and prided ourselves in accepting full responsibility for our well-being. This year a majority of Nevadans rejected such principles and felt the need to be taken care of by the government.

Of course, the incentive was the promise that such costs would only be borne by someone else " the so-called rich. Too often such promises prove to be a pipe dream.

Fortunately, Douglas County proved more realistic and voted for self-reliance and less government. Even though we lost, we can be proud of our belief in ourselves.

Duane Williams



The Town of Genoa Advisory Board would like to thank all of the volunteers and organizations that contributed their time, expertise, and resources to support the Town of Genoa's annual Candy Dance. This year's 88th Annual Candy Dance was held Sept. 27 and 28 in the Town of Genoa.

Candy Dance was a great success thanks to all of the volunteers who collectively donate thousands of hours to plan and present this historic event.

This includes candy making, parking and transportation, sanitation, publicity, the dinner dance, Candy Dance merchandise, and the overall management and logistics of this important Valley tradition. The Nevada Department of Transportation, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, East Fork Fire, Nevada Highway Patrol, Genoa Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas County Search & Rescue, and all of the Douglas County departments help to make this a safe, secure and fun event for all.

Event attendees and vendors come from all over the United States to enjoy Candy Dance.

As one event attendee wrote in a thank you letter to the town, "Once again we want to thank everyone involved in a wonderful Candy Dance experience. From the person who greets us as we pull into the parking lot right through to the people who empty the trash cans " everyone is so nice."

The town thanks all of those who helped to make Candy Dance once again a wonderful event and great experience for all. We really appreciate your help and support. We look forward to next year's 89th Candy Dance and hope you all plan to be involved and attend.

Chairwoman Kathleen B. DeSocio

Genoa Town Advisory Board


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