Couple admit martial arts studio break-ins

A 19-year-old Army specialist and his wife pleaded guilty Monday in connection with several break-ins at a Gardnerville martial arts studio.

Amanda Golden, also 19, pleaded guilty to attempted burglary. According to the plea agreement with the district attorney's office, she may be sentenced to probation with a recommendation of one year in Douglas County Jail.

Matthew Golden pleaded guilty to burglary and faces up to 10 years in Nevada State Prison and a $10,000 fine.

The couple was accused of breaking into Northwest Martial Arts while the soldier was home on leave.

According to the criminal complaint, Matthew Golden and an individual identified as "A.W." broke into Northwest Martial Arts between Oct. 3-5 and took cash, credit cards and checks worth $5,500.

He allegedly returned Oct. 13-15 with Amanda Golden and she took at least $400 in cash.

According to the complaint, Matthew Golden drove Amanda to the Gardnerville studio and waited in a car while she pried open a door with a credit card or a knife.

On Oct. 15, the owner of the studio, believing the burglars would strike again, was at the facility and detained Amanda Golden until deputies arrived.

Amanda Golden called her mother from jail, admitted the attempted break-in, and told her that Matthew drove away when the deputies arrived and stranded her in the parking lot, according to audiotapes from the jail's telephone system.

He was arrested and reportedly admitted the burglaries were his idea and that he drove the getaway car in previous burglaries, according to investigators.

He told District Judge Michael Gibbons on Monday he and "A.W." first took $1,500 they spent on alcohol and hotel rooms.

Gibbons refused to release Golden on his own recognizance.

His lawyer, Tod Young, said Golden would live with his mother in Carson City and work to earn money toward restitution.

Young called Golden's status in the Army "tenuous."

"There is no hold from the Army," Young said.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter objected to any change in bail.

"These are very serious charges," she said.

"We will be asking for prison. He was released on annual leave and failed to report to the Army. He is AWOL or some similar status."


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