Friend opens account for scam victims

The former neighbor of a Gardnerville Ranchos couple bilked out of $3,000 in a "secret shopper" scam has opened an account to help the family recoup their loss.

Daphne and Bob Hillyer signed up with "secret shopper" service that turned out to be bogus. After they sent the phony company $2,950, the Hillyers discovered the company was a scam.

David Lockhart of Gardnerville, who lived next to the Hillyers for two years, opened an account at U.S. Bank to help the Hillyers.

Lockhart learned of his former neighbor's plight in an Oct. 29 story in The Record-Courier.

"Bob and Daphne weren't looking for a 'get-rich' scheme, they were looking to work for some extra money for Christmas presents for their kids," Lockhart said. "And they were willing to share the embarrassment of being scammed to keep it from happening to others."

The Hillyers have five children ages 6 to 22. Two of the children are in college and three are at home.

Lockhart said Bob Hillyer provides firewood for many of their neighbors.

"Bob and his son Nathan once came out and spent an hour in a heavy snow helping me unload firewood," he said.

"They are wonderful, unselfish people and don't deserve, nor can they afford to be scammed out of money."

Donations may be made to the Hillyer Family Fund, U.S. Bank, account no. 153 752 827 854.

Contributions also may be brought to The David Lockhart Agency of American Family Insurance, 1687 Highway 395 N., Minden.


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