Sentence suspended for knife-wielding wife

An Indian Hills woman who chased her husband down the street with a 12-inch butcher knife was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail, suspended, and ordered to stay away from her soon-to-be ex.

Leann Lepage, 29, pleaded guilty to drawing a weapon in a threatening manner. She said she was acting in self defense because she was tired of Justin Snyder allegedly kicking in her front door and stealing her property.

There were no injuries.

"My mistake was leaving the property," she told East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl.

Snyder did not attend the sentencing.

"You told me the only reason you married him was because you were high," EnEarl said. "Are you still using drugs?"

Lepage said she hadn't used marijuana or consumed alcohol for more than a week.

She said she chased Snyder because she wanted him to know she no longer feared him.

"The state knows he's a good runner. He's absconded on most of his cases," she said. "I only knew him a month before I married him. I didn't know he had mental issues until afterwards."

She said they had a 17-month-old son but she didn't want Snyder around the child.

"He doesn't offer anything positive," Lepage said.

Shortly after the Oct. 20 incident, Lepage was returned to jail because she was shopping with Snyder in violation of the terms of her release.

She told EnEarl on Wednesday she no longer wanted anything to do with Snyder.

She also said she was required by her apartment manager to obtain a restraining order to keep Snyder away.


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