Window shooter out of custody

A Gardnerville vandal and arsonist is out of custody after completing his sentence in Carson City for mail theft.

David Scott Killen, 24, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday to set up a payment schedule for the nearly $27,000 he owes in restitution for shooting out windows during a vandalism spree that spanned from South Lake Tahoe to Carson City and ended in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Killen told Judge Michael Gibbons he owes restitution for the string of arsons he was in prison for before the vandalism spree, back child support that must be paid before he can get a drivers license and still owes money on a vehicle that was repossessed.

Killen told Gibbons he was released from jail on Thursday and has been looking for work.

As part of his sentencing in the case, Killen was ordered to pay $26,600 in restitution to the victims in the vandalism.

"I have nothing right now, no job, no car, no house," Killen said. "What happens if I can't pay?"

Killen said he is living in a Carson City motel.

Special prosecutor Gerald Gardner said that while it would take a long time for Killen to pay his restitution, his situation could be worse.

"This is far preferable to a civil judgment where his wages could be garnished," Gardner said. "I think what Mr. Killen really wants to know is how much can he get away with. He is in a deep hole, but it is one of his own making."

Gibbons ordered Killen to pay $100 a month to start and set a Feb. 9 date to review and possibly increase the amount.


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