The R-C Morning Report

Today is Veteran's Day. Most of the official world is closed today, but thanks to those who defend our freedoms, private enterprise continues. County, state and federal offices are closed today, as are banks and other financial institutions. A parade in honor of the day is being held in Virginia City.

Vandal and arsonist David Killen is out of custody after serving his jail time. He appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday to set up a payment schedule for the nearly $27,000 he owes in restitution. He told Judge Michael Gibbons he also owes restitution for the string of arsons he was in prison for before the vandalism spree, back child support before he can get a drivers license and still owes money on a vehicle that was repossessed. At the $100 a month payments Gibbons ordered, it will take Killen 22 and a half years to pay off the debt. Gibbons set another hearing in February to see if that amount could be increased.

It may rain today, the National Weather Service decided Monday afternoon. There's a 30 percent chance today and 40 percent tonight. Whatever it is appears to be in a steep dive from the north, approaching the top of Pyramid Lake now. That squall's track will take it closer to Hawthorne than to us.

Power was restored to about 3,000 homes in Gardnerville and the Ranchos at 4 p.m. Monday, according to NVEnergy. The outage was due to a faulty component at the Fish Springs Substation.


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